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The right to bear arms is included in the United States Constitution. However, certain actions will lead to the forfeiture of this right. In addition, gun ownership always comes with a responsibility to safely use these tools and not place others in harm’s way. Alleged failure to follow either of these core concepts can lead to severe legal consequences.

If you face charges related to the improper possession or use of firearms, let a Tolleson gun lawyer represent you. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated attorneys are committed to preserving your Constitutional rights and protecting your way of life. Whether you are looking to enter a plea deal to minimize the impact of the case or want to fight the charges in court, we are ready to help.

Charges Alleging the Illegal Possession of a Firearm

Most adults in the Tolleson area have the right to legally bear arms. However, prior legal action can result in the loss of this privilege. One typical example is the state law that prohibits anyone with a previous felony conviction involving illegal drugs from owning or possessing a firearm. Similar laws also prohibit the possession of per se illegal guns, such as sawn-off shotguns.

Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3102 covers most illegal activities involving firearms. A conviction here can be a misdemeanor or a felony. When facing any type of allegation involving illicit possession firearm in Tolleson, it is critical to work with a knowledgeable attorney.

Guns as Aggravating Factors in Other Criminal Cases

Many cases involving the supposed illegal use of guns bring multiple criminal charges. This is because merely possessing a firearm in an unlawful way can result in arrest and prosecution. In addition, firearms are dangerous weapons and may contribute to the severity of a different alleged crime.

A common example of a gun as an aggravating factor is in assault cases. Usually, an assault is a misdemeanor under state law. However, if a defendant is accused of threatening the well-being of a supposed victim while holding a gun, the case instantly becomes a felony.

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

AZ Rev. Stat. § 13-1204 covers instances of aggravated assault. Because the incident supposedly involves a deadly weapon, the case is a class 3 felony. Even a first conviction with mitigating circumstances requires a court to impose a prison sentence of at least five years. Aggravating circumstances may lead to a maximum sentence of 15 years. In addition, previous convictions for a felony could bring even harsher penalties.

Theft Charges Involving Firearms

Similar concepts involving the use of a firearm as a tool to commit another offense can apply to situations alleging burglary, robbery, and theft. Regardless of the specific charges, a Tolleson firearm lawyer can work to develop an effective defense.

Contact a Tolleson Gun Attorney Immediately

State law allows most adults to own firearms with minimal restriction. However, this does not mean a person can use a gun in any way they see fit. In addition, a person’s status under the law may also limit the right to possess a firearm.

If you are facing any type of weapons-related charge, a Tolleson gun lawyer can help. Our team at Grand Canyon Law Group is skilled at building solid defenses against allegations of illegal possession or improper use. Reach out to us now and learn how we can fight for you and your rights.

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