Third-Time DUI in Tolleson

Accusations of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol come with steep consequences. However, a third-time DUI charge carries particularly severe penalties upon conviction. The state treats repeat offenders harshly; a conviction in one of these cases could dramatically impact your life.

You have the right to defend yourself against these allegations with help from a relentless DUI defense attorney. Grand Canyon Law Group knows how to handle a third-time DUI in Tolleson and will fight tirelessly to preserve your way of life.

What Counts as a Third-Time DUI?

Having two prior convictions is an aggravating factor in a DUI case that could result in steeper penalties. However, this is only true for recent convictions. To count as a third-time DUI, a person must have two prior convictions from incidents that occurred within the previous seven years. That means a misdemeanor DUI conviction from more than seven years ago will not count against that person.

Importantly, this rule only applies to misdemeanors. Previous felonies will have an impact no matter how long ago they occurred. It is also important to remember that these prior convictions do not have to be local. They could be from other states if the DUI statute is similar to Arizona’s. Our knowledgeable Tolleson attorneys can further explain these legal nuances to those facing third-time DUI allegations.

Penalties for a Third DUI

Being convicted of drunk driving for a third time in seven years can carry a wide range of consequences. These consequences include criminal and administrative penalties. A DUI conviction also comes with collateral consequences.

Criminal DUI Penalties for Repeat Offenders

Criminal penalties come in the form of jail time and fines. A third conviction for this offense in seven years is known as an “aggravated DUI” and is treated as a felony under the law. That means the potential for lengthy incarceration is much higher. A person found guilty of this offense will also serve any time in state prison instead of a county jail.

The amount of time a person serves in prison can vary. This charge brings a minimum sentence of four months and a maximum of 3.75 years. Being found guilty could also result in costly fines.

Administrative Consequences of a Third DUI

There are also administrative penalties to consider. This includes the suspension of driving privileges for three years and an additional two years of mandatory ignition interlock device installation. Our Tolleson lawyers can work to minimize or avoid the administrative penalties of a third-time DUI charge and protect a defendant’s rights.

Collateral Consequences

Finally, being convicted of a third DUI can have lasting collateral consequences. These include things like losing out on employment opportunities or having a professional license suspended due to a felony on one’s criminal record. In some circumstances, these collateral consequences can continue to impact a person long after they serve their sentence.

Talk to an Attorney About a Third DUI Charge in Tolleson

If you face charges for a third-time DUI in Tolleson, give yourself the best chance of success in your case by consulting a skilled attorney. Strong legal counsel could help you beat these charges or work out a plea that protects your rights and your freedom.

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