Types of Drug Charges in Tolleson

There are few things more heavily regulated than narcotics and other controlled substances. Countless criminal charges stem from the possession, use, or ownership of these drugs, and the consequences of a conviction are steep.

When you have questions about the types of drug charges in Tolleson, an experienced drug defense attorney could provide the answers you need. This is especially important if you have been arrested on the basis of one of these offenses.

Possessing a Controlled Substance

The type of drug offense that results in the most arrests in Tolleson each year is the possession of a controlled substance. This is a serious charge, but its specific nature depends on a few different factors. A person will face steeper potential penalties for having a greater volume of drugs, and the specific substance involved is also important as well.

Unlike other offenses, possessing an illegal drug can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. In general, misdemeanor charges are primarily brought when a person is caught with a small amount of marijuana.

Manufacture and Cultivation

There are steeper consequences for certain actions involving illegal drugs beyond merely possessing them. One of the most serious offenses involves the manufacture of illegal drugs.

The state treats this offense harshly for a reason. While having drugs for personal use is one thing, creating them with the intent to provide them to others is another level of offense. That is why the law always considers this a felony.

The term “cultivation” is used when it comes to drugs like marijuana. The growth of these plants falls under the same prohibition as manufacturing street narcotics like heroin.

Possession With Intent to Sell

The state has adopted multiple criminal statutes related entirely to the possession of drugs. The specific charge you face will depend on the circumstances that surround the arrest.

Confusingly, the state never has to prove that a person actively sold drugs to qualify for the steeper penalties that come with that charge. Instead, they only need to show possession with an intent to transfer, sell, or give a controlled substance to someone else.

One of the most important factors in these cases is the amount of the drug in question. Amounts that are too large for one person to consume in a reasonable amount of time could be evidence of intent. The same is true when it comes to how these substances are packaged. Prosecutors in Tolleson will take interest in cases where a large amount of drugs is individually packaged. Police will also look for additional items like scales, mirrors, and small plastic baggies that are evidence of commercial intent.

Drug Paraphernalia

Not all these charges in Tolleson are directly related to controlled substances. The law also prohibits the possession or sale of drug paraphernalia, which are accessories that people use in conjunction with taking drugs.

These items can vary dramatically from one substance to another. Paraphernalia related to marijuana use often involves pipes or bongs, while heroin users are more likely to have needles in their possession.

Talk to an Attorney in Tolleson About the Types of Drug Offenses

Every one of these criminal offenses should be taken seriously. From misdemeanors to felonies, being convicted of a drug-related crime can have major ramifications on your life and career.

You have the right to defend yourself regardless of the type of drug charges you face in a Tolleson courtroom. Call today for a private consultation with Grand Canyon Law Group.

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