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I just accepted an offer from Ryan Mcphie and his staff to help me with my criminal case. I was surprised to see they were willing to work with me financially. I feel blessed and have complete faith in them that they will succeed in my case and i will post the details after my case is resolved.


I had no clue or idea of anything about criminal court. All I knew was that my life was potentially going to be ruined because of the complexity of false accusations in the family/criminal court. I saw Ryan’s profile and reached out to him and he quickly responded and listened to my request for help. He went out of his way to take my case and worked well with me the whole time and treated me like a brother. I will forever be grateful for what he and Stephanie had done for me. It was a very long an drug out process and very stressful. In the end, Ryan and his staff were successful in getting my case dismissed!!!!! He is a very smart guy and good at his profession! I sincerely would recommend him to anyone who needs help! He is awesome! Thank you Ryan!! I’ll never forget what you did for me and my family.


Mr Lish was professional and empathetic with me during my case. He was always available to answer questions and educated me every step of the way. My case turned out with a favorable outcome, and I would recommend him to anyone

-Jerry Miller

I cannot being to say how grateful I am for this firm. I was facing some pretty heavy charges that were threatening to turn my life and the progress I had been making upside-down. However, David and Ryan were able to get be a result beyond all of my expectation and had my case dismissed! I can’t recommend this firm and its staff enough!

-Kenny Vondra

I chose to use Ryan McPhie for my criminal case because of his former experience as a Deputy County Attorney, and I am glad I did. Ryan’s knowledge and expertise in criminal law led to negotiating a fair deal in my case. Ryan patiently explained the entire criminal court process to me, answered all my questions, and helped lower my anxiety about the process by standing confidently with me throughout my case. Ryan was there when I needed him. I recommend McPhie Law.

-James Clark

Ryan and Amanda were great. After being wrongfully arrested for a DUI while on vacation in Arizona, I didn’t know where to turn. Both Ryan and Amanda believed my story and didn’t assume the AZDPS officer was truthful/honest and I wasn’t. That gave me confidence that my case would eventually be thrown out. After the blood work came back negative and I was cleared from the wrongful arrest I still had a hearing for my potential license suspension that was pushed through due to lack of training on the AZDPS officers part. Ryan represented me perfectly and made sure no accidental/intentional suspension was pushed forward by the AZ DPS officer or department. And at my hearing, Ryan made sure the judge didn’t just state I was cleared because officer didn’t show, Ryan made sure the judge read through my entire report and all tests including all my blood work/results, and had the judge add those results to my report; therefore, that will now completely clear my name at the CA DMV and AZ MVD. I’d suggest anyone looking for someone to assist you in time of need and help with whatever legal trouble you might be in, guilty or not guilty, Ryan and Amanda at the Grand Canyon Law Group are professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable and it is a great place to go to make sure your rights are secured and Law is followed. Thanks Ryan and Amanda.

-Jason Buckley

Unfortunately, I got into a bit of a mess with the law. Fortunately, I had David Lish of Grand Canyon Law Group on the case and on my side. Phone calls: answered. Emails: Answered. David’s strategic approach to my case resulted in the charges being dropped. What a relief! I know that in life you need a good plumber and a good lawyer. David is my lawyer.

-Brigham Beeson

I was facing some serious charges and was very scared, I had no one to turn to. I was first given Ryan’s number it was after hours I figured I would leave a message but he answered he listened to my whole story and made me feel like everything would be ok. By that next day he was already gathering evidence. Unfortunately covid hit and my case kept getting pushed back but anytime I needed something he answered or if I sent a email it was answered with in a few minutes. Ryan joined with David at some point during my case. The first time I spoke with David he new everything about my case I didn’t have to fill him in on anything. For the duration of my case David had my back every step of the way. I calling him every time I had a question or confused about something an he always answered, I was never pushed off to office staff to take questions of play muddle man I always talked to David directly. If it wasn’t for David and Ryan I dont know what would have happened. Now that my case is over an no jail time when I was facing 12 years or more. Ryan and David have still been there for me when I have questions even though they are no longer my attorneys. Dont waste your time on other attorneys that you are just another number. Choose a lawyer that truly cares and will do anything an everything they can to fight for you. I am beyond grateful that I found them.


You never hope to need a lawyer for certain things but when everything was falling apart and I felt like I was hopeless, Ryan and everyone at grand canyon law group really made all the difference in the world. From day 1 and throughout the case, Ryan made sure to communicate our goal and gave me everything I needed to make sure we had the best possible outcome. Thank you so much for your outstanding work

-Galeb Ayoub

Couldn’t be happier with my choice of representation! This team is amazing, very responsive and work hard to fight for you! My case was a very difficult one and they got it dismissed! This office will always be my only recommendation to anyone who is looking for legal help. I was very nervous and unsure of process but this team would always remind me they have my back and they absolutely did!

-Kristine Holberton

I’ve never in my life have been in trouble with the law and accused of something I didn’t do. Then having to get a lawyer, pay for one and just be totally lost all in one. I spoke with Ryan and he was very knowledgeable. Yes I spoke to his legal team, but he personally always responded to me. I’m so grateful that my case got dismissed!!! The process was long and challenging, but Ryan was there answering question and guiding me along the way! I’m so thankful that I found him and went with him!! I highly recommend his firm! Professional and compassionate! Thank you Ryan!!

-Babette Souter