Types of Drug Charges in Tempe

From marijuana to cocaine, countless controlled substances are heavily regulated in Tempe. As a result, there are many different types of criminal charges related to the possession, use, or sale of these substances. Any of these charges come with consequences that could alter your life forever.

When you are charged with a drug offense, it is important to understand the trouble you currently face. The types of drug charges in Tempe each have their own penalty range and elements that must be proven by the state. A dedicated drug attorney from Grand Canyon Law Group can help you fight these charges.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Possession of a controlled substance is the drug crime that leads to the most arrests each year. This offense is common because it only involves being illegally in possession of a controlled substance.

This charge is often related to holding a street narcotic like methamphetamine or cocaine, and is also the charge used when a person has medication without a valid prescription. First-time offenders are often able to avoid jail time with these charges but a criminal history can increase the risk of incarceration.

Prescription Fraud

Prescription medication is as heavily regulated as street narcotics. A prescription from a doctor allows a person to use and possess certain drugs without fear of criminal prosecution. These medications can still be abused in many cases, which can lead to acts of prescription fraud.

Prescription fraud comes in two forms. First, it can involve a doctor writing a prescription for recreational use of a drug instead of for its intended purpose. The other type of prescription fraud occurs when a person falsifies information in order to receive a prescription without medical need. An attorney experienced with types of drug charges in Tempe could determine whether prescription fraud applies to a case.

Drug Distribution

Another serious offense is drug distribution, which involves providing controlled substances to other people. While this charge is frequently brought based on the sale of narcotics, it is important to note a person could be guilty without selling anything.

The crime of drug distribution applies broadly to other situations. A person could be guilty if they give away, distribute, or deliver a drug to another individual. This is true regardless of whether money changed hands.

The penalties for this offense vary based on two different factors. First, the type of drug being distributed is important. Second, the amounts of controlled substances in question can also increase the penalties of a conviction. An attorney in Tempe can explain how types of drug charges are affected by a distribution offense.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is arguably the most serious of these offenses. The charge is frequently brought by the state, as it applies to anyone who participates in an organization that distributes drugs illegally.

Often, this offense is coupled with other charges. For example, a person found to be in possession of a controlled substance might also be charged with trafficking if they had the drugs as part of a larger scheme to distribute them.

Talk to an Attorney in Tempe About Types of Drug Charges

No matter which of these charges you face, you have the right to hire legal counsel to defend you. A former prosecutor now working as an attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can build a defense strategy that secures a dismissal or a reduction of your charges at trial.

Do not put your future at risk by facing these charges alone. Call today for a private consultation about any type of drug crime you are charged with in Tempe.

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