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The term “domestic violence” typically conjures images of disputes between spouses, but it can apply to a broader array of circumstances. People may be unaware of abuse involving unmarried people who live together.

These acts can result in a domestic charge even if the two individuals living together are unrelated and have never been in a romantic relationship. Fighting these cases can be difficult without the help of a seasoned domestic violence attorney. Let a Tempe roommate domestic violence lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group help you evaluate your options.

How Domestic Violence Charges Apply to Roommates

Domestic violence is defined by Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601 as any dangerous crime that occurs between individuals with specific relationships. The underlying offenses are standard crimes that anyone can be charged with, but they carry steeper penalties due to the link between parties.

The statute applies to family members and individuals in romantic relationships, as well as to two or more people who reside or have previously resided in the same household, including current and former roommates. It is important to note that the location of the event is not a factor when determining if a charge is appropriate. A person can face these charges even if the alleged acts of abuse occurred somewhere other than the home. From bar fights to parking lot disputes, domestic violence charges can result when things escalate between roommates.

The Offenses That Can Qualify

Along with the relationship between the reporting witness and the alleged accused, domestic violence charges are only appropriate following allegations of dangerous crimes. This category includes serious criminal acts, with some of the most common examples including the following:

The Grand Canyon Law Group team understands how to build a viable defense following these accusations. Contact a Tempe roommate domestic violence lawyer from our firm to learn more about your options.

Defending Against These Allegations

Anyone facing these charges can benefit from discussing their options before entering a guilty plea. A Tempe roommate domestic violence attorney can help explain that winning these cases is possible when a viable defense is available.

In some situations, these arrests stem from a misunderstanding. It is possible the police mistakenly believed that two people had previously lived together when that was not the case. This might lead to criminal charges, but the consequences of a conviction are typically lower.

Self-defense can also be a solid strategy in cases involving physical violence. If a person feels that they are facing the risk of imminent harm from their roommate, they are entitled to use force to defend themselves under the law, as long as the amount of force used is reasonable.

Get in Touch with a Roommate Domestic Violence Attorney in Tempe Right Away

If you have been arrested after a physical altercation with someone you live with, you may be facing severe legal jeopardy. Beating these charges can be possible, but doing so alone is rarely easy. Let a Tempe roommate domestic violence lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group help you protect your legal rights. Our team is dedicated to building your case and giving you the best chance at a positive result. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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