Domestic Violence Penalties in Tempe

Domestic violence charges can be complex and potentially life-changing. These allegations come with severe consequences upon conviction, making it crucial for anyone accused to contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Beyond potential jail time, fines, and probation, you also face restrictive court orders that limit your freedom long before trial.

Talk to our legal team about domestic violence penalties in Tempe and learn your options for minimizing the impact on your life. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our former prosecutors are prepared to fight for you and your rights.

Typical Penalties for Domestic Violence

If the domestic violence charge is a misdemeanor, the defendant faces up to six months in jail, three years on probation, and $2,500 in fines. At a minimum, the defendant may be required to take domestic violence counseling and give up their right to possess a firearm.

However, aggravating factors could lead to a judge imposing harsher sentences. These factors include repeat domestic violence offenses or significant injury to the alleged victim. The court may enhance the potential penalties in these cases, especially for felony charges. Those accused of domestic violence should discuss the potential penalties with an experienced Tempe attorney who can work to present mitigating factors in the case.

Mitigating the Penalties in a Domestic Abuse Case

To prevent domestic violence penalties, our seasoned Tempe lawyers may explore various avenues of defense. One option is to argue a self-defense angle. Another is to attack the sufficiency of the prosecution’s evidence or proof against the defendant.

Additionally, the prosecution may have difficulty introducing evidence for various reasons, such as if the alleged victim does not want to cooperate. The skilled attorneys at our firm explore every dynamic in the domestic abuse case to protect a defendant’s rights and prevent criminal repercussions.

Consequences of Protective Orders

A civil order of protection is separate from a domestic violence charge, but the two things often go hand-in-hand. This order prevents the defendant from contacting the alleged victim. There are various forms of these orders ranging from no united contact to no harmful contact to no contact whatsoever.

The judge may impose various conditions on the accused person, including bans on:

  • Returning to the scene
  • Contacting the alleged victim
  • Possessing firearms

Usually, the no-contact order includes no third-party contact. This means that friends and family cannot contact the alleged victim on behalf of the defendant. It is crucial to follow the terms of the order to avoid additional charges and penalties.

Penalties for Violating a Protective Order

If the defendant violates the protective order, they may face additional charges on top of the domestic violence charge. They may also have their release revoked and face arrest. Violating a protective order can sometimes lead to aggravated harassment or aggravated domestic violence charges. This elevates the potential penalties to felony-level sentencing, making it crucial to speak with a Tempe lawyer about resolving the situation.

Discuss Domestic Violence Penalties With a Tempe Attorney

Domestic abuse allegations can upend every aspect of your life. Even before any conviction at trial, you may face a protective order that limits your freedom and prevents you from spending time with your family. The consequences of a conviction are even more severe.

Grand Canyon Law Group works to help you avoid domestic violence penalties in Tempe and protect your way of life. Call our firm today to discuss your situation and learn your options for pursuing a positive outcome in your case.

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