Domestic Violence Investigations in Tempe

When police are called due to a fight or disturbance in a home, this may begin an investigation into potential domestic violence charges. These allegations typically involve people in a relationship, such as spouses or romantic partners. The police are tasked with figuring out who started the dispute and who did what. Often, it is unclear exactly who is at fault.

Suspects in domestic violence investigations in Tempe should reach out to legal counsel as soon as possible to protect their rights. Even if you think you can explain your situation, talking to the police often gives them evidence against you. They may twist your words or misinterpret your statements to support their case. You need a dedicated attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group to defend you.

Police Investigating Calls for Domestic Violence

After an alleged victim or witness calls the police, the responding officers will gather the evidence they believe is applicable. They often investigate the situation hastily or fail to ask the right questions. Determining the primary aggressor is often a complex process involving statements from both parties involved and any witnesses to the event. The police often make mistakes in these situations, as the relationship between the two parties can complicate things.

During a domestic violence investigation, an accused person has the right to remain silent and call a Tempe attorney for legal counsel. In these situations, it is crucial to avoid making statements. Although an accused person might feel the need to say something and explain their situation, they may end up making incriminating statements that lead to charges.

Timeline of a Domestic Abuse Investigation

Domestic violence investigations in Tempe are often quick. The police may determine who they believe is at fault within an hour or two, leading to their immediate arrest. The person will then be taken into custody and booked into jail before they see a judge. The judge may tell them they cannot return home or contact their spouse or partner. These situations can often feel like an accused person is being sentenced without a chance to defend themselves, which can be overwhelming. Our Tempe lawyers can be important allies throughout the domestic abuse investigation process and fight for a suspect’s rights.

Can an Accuser Drop Charges During the Investigation?

When someone makes a domestic violence allegation, they are usually asking for police intervention. However, once they make the allegation, the accuser does not have the authority to drop charges. The investigation is out of the accuser’s hands once they call the police; the prosecutors now have discretion over what to do with the case.

The accuser can drop any civil protective order that may have been implemented following a domestic violence investigation. However, the prosecutor can still proceed with the case and subpoena the accuser to participate in the investigation and trial.

Contact a Tempe Attorney During a Domestic Violence Investigation

Anyone under investigation for domestic violence should avoid speaking with the police and contact an attorney right away. Anything you say or do could be used against you, so it is crucial to have legal counsel on your side during any police interactions.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we have significant experience defending suspects in domestic violence investigations in Tempe. Contact us today to learn how we can fight tirelessly for you and your way of life.

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