Assault Investigations in Tempe

Police officers, prosecutors, and courts in Arizona treat assault allegations seriously. To build the strongest case, the state ensures a thorough investigation process. Even if no charges have been filed, assault investigations in Tempe can be invasive and damage your career, home life, reputation, and standing within your community.

If you believe you are the subject of an investigation for an alleged assault, contact a dedicated attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group. We will tirelessly protect your constitutional and civil rights throughout the investigative and legal proceedings.

Assault Investigations with Quick Arrests

Some assault cases go straight to the prosecutors. These kinds of cases arise when police arrive at an alleged crime scene and arrest someone immediately. When someone, such as a concerned neighbor, calls for emergency assistance to report an alleged assault, police officers arrive to investigate the incident. When the alleged victim can identify the accused offender, and the accused is still at the crime scene, the police may arrest them quickly. If that person is not right at the scene, the police will perform a search to locate and arrest them.

After making an arrest, the police generally turn the cases over to the prosecutors. The prosecution will follow up with any eyewitnesses to get statements and check for security camera footage and other evidence to strengthen their case.

After an arrest, a suspect should meet with a Tempe attorney skilled at handling assault investigations. If the police failed to respect a suspect’s rights, such as by failing to read them their Miranda rights or denying them the right to speak with their lawyer, a lawyer could pursue a dismissal of the charges.

Lengthier Assault Investigations

Some assault cases require more thorough police investigations. For instance, suppose the police cannot locate the accused person or the alleged victim does not know who assaulted them. If the responding officers do not make an arrest right away, the police generally assign a detective to investigate the charges.

The police detective will canvas the area to search for evidence. If the accuser knows who assaulted them, the detectives will try to locate them. If the accuser cannot identify their alleged assailant, the investigation will be more complex because the police must determine who is responsible. The police will take pictures and gather any trace evidence from the scene. They may also conduct witness interviews and interview suspects as part of the investigation.

During these interviews, suspects need representation from a Tempe lawyer experienced in handling assault investigations. Our skilled attorneys could guide them through a police interview and protect their rights. We could also examine the investigative process to see if the police or prosecution overstepped. For instance, our legal team could check to ensure the police obtained a valid search warrant based on reasonable suspicion.

Consult a Tempe Attorney About Assault Investigations

Suspects of assault investigations in Tempe need dedicated legal counsel to protect their rights and preserve their best interests. Police and prosecutors perform these investigations to determine who they should arrest and gather evidence to support their case. Sometimes, the state makes mistakes or violates a suspect’s rights.

When you face assault charges or believe you are under investigation, time is of the essence. Contact Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible to discuss your situation and begin building your defense. We believe you have a way of life worth saving.

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