Assault Arrests in Tempe

Police officers in Tempe and around the state are harsh on crime, including alleged assaults. Being arrested for an assault crime is not something you should take lightly. Depending on the severity of the alleged crime and your prior criminal background, you could face extensive time in jail.

It is best to approach assault arrests in Tempe with steadfast legal representation by your side. Working closely with the right legal team is critical to giving you the best chance of a successful case outcome. The experienced lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group understand these charges and know how to protect your rights and freedoms throughout the legal process.

What to Do After Being Placed Under Arrest for Assault

Most people’s first instinct after an arrest is to try to clear their name as quickly as possible. Many want to give their full story to the police immediately, hoping they can soon put the legal nightmare behind them. They think speaking with the investigating detective immediately could clear up the situation. However, this is rarely a good idea. Instead of clearing up matters, talking to the police without a lawyer could make the legal situation even more complicated. The detectives might misconstrue their words and use their testimony to strengthen the case against them.

Talking to an officer after an assault arrest without a Tempe lawyer can lead to self-incriminating statements. An arrested person should meet with a seasoned local attorney as soon as possible to learn their rights and legal options for resolving the charges favorably.

Your Legal Options After an Assault Arrest

Facing any assault charge is hard to do alone. The complexities involved in the assault arrest process and the possible ramifications of a conviction make it essential to work with a skilled Tempe attorney. A dedicated lawyer at our firm can work tirelessly to pursue the best possible outcome. We will review the evidence, listen to the defendant’s account, and build a defense strategy that best fits the unique circumstances of the case.

Get the Charges Dismissed

The first goal of a defense team would be to get the charges dismissed. A dismissal can occur if crucial evidence is deemed inadmissible. Our lawyers in Tempe could review the police’s procedure before and during the assault arrest process to see if they violated any of the defendant’s rights. For example, if the police did not obtain a search warrant or did not have valid cause to execute a search or seizure, any evidence obtained by the police under that search could be inadmissible. Similarly, if the police violated the defendant’s rights during the arrest proceedings, such as denying them the right to speak with an attorney, any confession could be deemed inadmissible.

Win at Trial

Because the prosecution has the burden of proof, they must establish that the defendant committed every element of an assault crime. A Tempe attorney experienced in handling assault arrests could show that the prosecutor does not have sufficient evidence. Since an assault conviction requires the prosecutor to show intent, a lawyer could show that the defendant did not intend to commit the crime or that it was justified because the defendant was defending themselves or others.

Reduce the Charges or Penalties

In some cases, it might be impossible to avoid a conviction. However, our savvy attorneys could work to reduce the charges and minimize the penalties. For example, after an arrest involving an alleged assault on a police officer, an attorney could argue that the defendant was unaware that the other person was an officer.

Our experienced legal team will tailor an effective strategy to the circumstances of the case.

Talk to a Tempe Attorney After an Arrest for Assault

Assault arrests in Tempe can be stressful and terrifying, especially if you have no prior experience with the legal system. After being arrested, you might not know what to do. Your freedom could be in jeopardy.

Talk to Grand Canyon Law Group to learn how we can fight tirelessly for your rights and your way of life. We have significant experience defending people in your situation and know how to handle your case the right way. Call today for your consultation.

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