Drug Schedules in Scottsdale

The laws regarding illegal substances are complex. For instance, Arizona categorizes drugs into several “schedules” that can impact the severity of the charges. When you face drug-related allegations, you need someone with expertise to explain the nuances and develop a strategy for your defense.

Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the drug schedules in Scottsdale and how they may impact your case. Our knowledgeable attorneys will help you understand what you are facing and how to resolve the charges with minimal impact on your way of life.

Types of Controlled Substances in Scottsdale

The state court in Maricopa County groups substances into two general categories: dangerous and narcotic drugs. Within these categories are several schedules of drugs subject to state regulation. Methamphetamines are a prominent example of a dangerous drug. Narcotic drugs include cocaine, crack, and opioids. These are different categorizations than the five schedules of drugs set by the DEA at the federal level, as our local attorneys can explain.

Schedule One

Schedule one drugs are usually substances or chemicals without an accepted medical use. These drugs are often abused, such as heroin, LSD, and ecstasy.

Schedule Two

Schedule two drugs may have a medical use or purpose, but they are also highly subject to abuse. These include opioids like oxycontin, fentanyl, hydrocodone, cocaine, amphetamine, and methadone.

Schedule Three

Schedule three drugs also have a medical use for those with prescriptions. They are subject to potential abuse, although they are not as dangerous or addictive as schedule two drugs. This category could include anabolic steroids, Tylenol with codeine, and ketamine.

Schedule Four

Schedule four drugs still have addictive properties and require a prescription. This includes drugs like Xanax, Valium, and Ambien.

Schedule Five

Generally, schedule five drugs still require a prescription but have a low potential for abuse, such as cough medicines.

Consulting an Attorney on Drug Schedules

The most important resource in a drug case is years of training and expertise in these areas. A skilled Scottsdale lawyer at our firm understands drug laws and schedules and how they may apply to a given case. We also know the system, how it operates, and what advantages it may afford a defendant.

Regardless of what schedule of drug a person is accused of possessing, distributing, or selling, legal counsel is crucial to minimizing the potential penalties. Grand Canyon Law Group will analyze all the available information in a case, including documents, paperwork, search warrants, and the defendant’s history. We are here to inform and guide defendants toward the best possible outcomes.

Consult a Scottsdale Attorney on Drug Schedules

After a drug arrest or charge, your priority should be to contact our firm. Whether you call our phone number, visit our website, email us, or stop by our office, we are prepared to begin helping you right away. During a consultation, we will listen to your situation to understand the accusations against you. Our legal team will explain the charges and ensure you understand your rights.

We are here to answer any questions you may have, including those about drug schedules in Scottsdale. Regardless of the substances allegedly involved in your case, you have legal options for defending your future. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to get started.

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