Penalties for Drug Crimes in Scottsdale

Although Arizona has taken some recent steps toward decriminalizing possession-related offenses, the laws are still harsh on drug crimes, especially for sale and distribution. When an allegation involves larger quantities or substances categorized as “dangerous drugs,” you may face mandatory prison time upon conviction.

Discuss the penalties for drug crimes in Scottsdale with an attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our seasoned lawyers can listen to your situation, understand your goals for the case, and work toward a positive resolution that protects your future.

Alternative Sentencing for Drug Possession Charges

A conviction for a first-time possession offense will likely allow a defendant to enter a diversion program or undergo drug treatment and probation rather than jail time. The law recognizes that therapeutic approaches are more effective than prison time at treating addiction. When a defendant completes their diversion program, the drug charges will be dismissed, allowing them to move forward with a clean record. Our Scottsdale attorneys can help those accused of minor drug offenses pursue this alternative to criminal penalties.

Enhanced Penalties for Substance-Related Offenses

Defendants with prior drug offenses on their records may be denied options for diversion programs. A second-time possession charge could lead to a jail sentence—a third offense could lead to prison, even for mere personal possession. In these cases, it is crucial to talk to a skilled lawyer at our firm about mitigating the potential penalties of a drug conviction.

When a defendant is accused of possessing large quantities of an illegal substance, they may face harsher charges for distribution or intent to sell. The type of drug can also aggravate the potential penalties. Distribution, transportation, and sale charges involving dangerous or narcotic drugs come with mandatory prison time upon conviction.

Mitigating the Consequences of a Drug Charge

Anyone accused of a drug crime should take several immediate steps to protect their rights and prevent severe consequences. Do not consent to any type of search or make any statements to the police. Most importantly, ask to speak with a lawyer right away.

A skilled attorney who handles drug cases in Scottsdale can analyze the case and explain the sentencing factors. The legal team at our firm can then assess the prosecution’s strengths and weaknesses to determine an effective defense strategy for mitigating the penalties. We personalize our approach to the specific situation by understanding the defendant’s background and motivations. Our dedicated attorneys will look for constitutional rights violations and police errors that may help the person avoid punishment for a drug conviction.

Defend Against Drug Crime Penalties with a Scottsdale Attorney

After being charged with a drug offense, your first move should be to speak to a lawyer experienced with handling these types of cases. The sentencing schemes for these charges are complex, so you need legal counsel to explain the possible range of punishments in your case.

The penalties for drug crimes in Scottsdale can be severe. Even after you finish your sentence, the repercussions of a mark on your criminal record are long-lasting. Do not trust your case to an inexperienced legal defender. Call Grand Canyon Law Group today to get a seasoned attorney on your side.

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