Drug Arrests in Scottsdale

Drug arrests can occur in various scenarios, with traffic stops and search warrants as the most common. In these situations, knowing your rights can make the difference between a dismissal of the charges and a conviction with life-changing penalties.

Those facing drug arrests in Scottsdale should contact legal counsel as soon as possible. The sooner you seek representation from a skilled attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group, the sooner we can begin fighting for your best interests.

Typical Arrest Procedures for Drug-Related Charges

Many drug arrests arise from traffic stops. For instance, suppose someone commits a traffic violation and gets pulled over by an officer. If the police develop reasonable suspicion to prolong the stop, they may investigate or search the car and find illegal substances, leading to an arrest.

In other situations, the police conduct intelligence to infiltrate a drug trade or trafficking organization. They may conduct phone wiretaps or observe people with suspected involvement. Once they develop sufficient probable cause, they will get search warrants and attempt to bring charges against anyone involved, often multiple people.

Does the Type and Quantity of Drug Affect the Arrest Process?

When a case involves small quantities or items for personal use, the officer may release the person without arresting them. Police will send the substance to a lab to confirm the type of drug. This leads to long-form charges requiring the person to appear in court, potentially months after the incident.

In cases involving large quantities or organizations, the police may have other probable cause for a person’s arrest. Time is often of the essence with drug sale cases and trafficking organizations. The police will generally put their case together over a period of time, but they want to move quickly when they are ready to execute it. Sometimes, they have grand jury warrants or arrest warrants. These situations typically lead to someone being booked into jail with an initial appearance before a judge rather than receiving a summons in the mail.

At the Scene of a Drug Arrest in Scottsdale

Anyone present at the scene of a drug crime is at risk of arrest. Even if they are not charged with the main offense, they may be accused of being an accomplice to a lesser degree. However, as our experienced local attorneys can attest, it is not a crime to merely be present at the scene of a drug arrest. If a person had no connection and did not aid or facilitate the drug offense in any way, they should not hold criminal liability. Those arrested in these situations should contact a Scottsdale attorney immediately to protect their rights.

Your Rights When You Are Being Arrested

Everyone has constitutional rights during the drug arrest process, including the following:

  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to not incriminate themselves
  • The right to have counsel present
  • The right to privacy, including the right to be free from searches and seizures without probable cause or warrants

Anyone arrested for a drug-related offense in Scottsdale should exercise their right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer before answering any questions.

Call a Scottsdale Attorney Immediately After a Drug Arrest

Whether your arrest results from a sting operation or a traffic stop, you need representation from a savvy attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated defense lawyers are former prosecutors who know how to fight for your rights and work toward a brighter future.

Our legal team has years of experience handling drug arrests in Scottsdale. Contact us today to discuss your case and get the representation you need.

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