Assault Arrests in Scottsdale

When you are arrested and charged with assault, being proactive with your defense can make a big difference in how your case plays out. Contacting an attorney experienced in handling assault arrests in Scottsdale is the first step in contesting the charges and protecting your way of life.

The most appropriate course of action will depend on the facts of your case. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our seasoned lawyers know how to handle your case the right way and will work tirelessly to uphold your rights. We believe you have a future worth fighting for.

Overview of Assault Arrests in Scottsdale

As defined under Arizona law, assault can occur in several circumstances. If a person purposefully, deliberately, or carelessly inflicts bodily injury upon another individual, they can be charged with assault. However, the actual infliction of physical injury need not occur for someone to be charged with assault.

Deliberately putting someone in reasonable fear that they are about to suffer bodily harm can also justify an assault arrest. These charges can also stem from deliberately touching someone intending to offend, provoke, or injure them.

Factors in the Severity of an Assault Arrest

The severity of assault charges after an arrest depends on multiple factors, including whether the alleged victim suffered bodily harm and whether the accused person acted intentionally. If the alleged assault involved carelessness or recklessness rather than intent to harm someone, this would also affect the resulting charges and potential penalties upon conviction.

Assault can be a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 misdemeanor. A Class 1 misdemeanor carries the harshest penalties, including up to $2,500 in fines and six months in jail, while a Class 3 misdemeanor carries a maximum period of incarceration of 30 days and up to $500 in fines. To avoid these penalties, it is best to contact a nearby attorney as soon as possible after an assault arrest.

Building a Defense After an Assault Arrest

A skilled Scottsdale lawyer could use various defenses to fight the prosecution’s case and protect the defendant’s rights after an assault arrest. One example of a common defense is lack of intent. If the arrested person had no intention to harm or threaten the alleged victim, this could be a solid defense to mitigate or defeat the charges.

In some cases, our legal team could argue that the arrested person acted in self-defense. In other situations, our Scottsdale attorneys could work to demonstrate that the alleged victim did not suffer harm or had no reason to fear for their safety. This would undermine the prosecution’s required burden of proof to convict for assault.

The right defense will depend on the specific facts of the case. Some defenses may highlight procedural errors or rights violations rather than challenging the elements of assault. For instance, our experienced lawyers could file motions to suppress evidence resulting from rights violations during the assault arrest and investigation. Grand Canyon Law Group can take the necessary steps to protect a person’s rights after an assault arrest and pursue a favorable outcome in their case.

Contact a Scottsdale Attorney After an Assault Arrest

An arrest for assault is only the beginning of the case. It may take time before charges are formally filed, but you should not wait to start building the most aggressive defense possible. From the moment of your assault arrest in Scottsdale, a seasoned attorney can begin working to protect your rights and way of life.

Whether reviewing evidence, working out a plea with the prosecutor’s office, seeking a reduction of charges, or even pushing for the dismissal of charges altogether, Grand Canyon Law Group will ensure that no stone is left unturned in fighting for your future. Contact our office today to discuss your recent assault arrest and learn how to best protect your legal rights.

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