What to Expect from Phoenix Sex Crime Cases

When you are accused of a sex crime, understanding your rights is crucial to navigating the legal process effectively. By consulting an experienced attorney as early as possible, you can learn your legal options and prevent the charges from negatively impacting your life.

Discuss what to expect from Phoenix sex crime cases with our team at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our former prosecutors know how to fight for your best interests throughout the criminal process and protect you from severe consequences.

What Happens After a Sex Crime Allegation?

To arrest someone, the police must have probable cause that the suspect committed an offense. After an arrest for a sex offense, police will typically book the suspect into a jail facility where they will be held for up to 24 hours until they can see a judge. The judge will review the officer’s description of the evidence and decide whether there is probable cause to hold the person.

If the judge decides there is probable cause, they will impose release conditions. This could involve setting a bond, releasing the person on their own recognizance, or releasing them under the supervision of pretrial services. In other cases, the person is held in custody without an option for bail.

After that, the case will move through the court system. The prosecutor will file formal charges, starting a series of pretrial hearings that may result in a plea agreement or some other legal resolution to the case. If not, the case may go to trial. Those accused of sex crimes should contact a Phoenix attorney as early as possible in the pretrial process for representation.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Sex Offenses

In Arizona, there are many misdemeanor sexual offenses, such as indecent exposure and public sexual indecency. However, if these acts are allegedly committed in front of a minor, they become felony charges. Sexual abuse, sexual conduct with a minor, molestation of a child, sexual assault, and many other sexual offenses are felonies, regardless of whether the alleged victim is an adult or minor. A skilled Phoenix lawyer can explain what to expect for different types of sex crime charges during a consultation.

Some sexual offenses are classified as violent crimes, which are punished harshly. If the person has a history of committing felonies or if the circumstances involve a young child, the defendant faces a life sentence without parole. Prosecutors are aggressive in these cases and often push for the maximum sentence.

What to Do After Being Charged with a Sex Crime

Hiring an experienced lawyer should be a priority for anyone accused of a sex crime. Many attorneys say they handle sex crime cases but have limited training and experience. Defendants in these cases need to consult legal counsel with a track record of success, like Grand Canyon Law Group.

It is also important to avoid talking to the police without legal representation. A seasoned Phoenix sex crimes attorney can explain what to expect from the police interrogation and help defendants avoid incriminating statements. Anything a person says may be used against them in the case, so limiting communication is often the best way to prevent the prosecution from gathering evidence.

Discuss What to Expect from Your Case with a Phoenix Sex Crimes Lawyer

Just because you were charged with a crime involving a sexual offense does not mean you will be found guilty. These are difficult cases for the prosecution to prove; having the right lawyer to attack the state’s case is crucial.

Let a knowledgeable attorney explain what to expect from Phoenix sex crime cases and help prepare you for the process. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we believe you have a way of life worth saving. Call us today to get started.

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