Types of Sex Crimes in Phoenix

Under Arizona law, the term “sex crime” refers to an overarching set of behaviors. The law outlines various offenses ranging from indecent exposure to sexual assault. However, a sexual offense can be any sexually motivated crime. In addition to the behaviors listed in the statute, any offense motivated by a sexual interest can be charged as a sexual crime.

When you are accused of a sexually motivated offense, you need legal representation from a knowledgeable attorney. The lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group can explain the types of sex crimes in Phoenix and help you understand the charges against you. We are prepared to fight for you and your future.

Examples of Sexual Offenses

Numerous offenses fall under the umbrella of sex crimes in Arizona. These include but are not limited to the following:

Each type of sex offense involves unique factors and potential penalties, making it important to discuss the specifics of the case with a skilled Phoenix attorney.

Felony Sex Crimes in Phoenix

Alleged offenses involving children will always be prosecuted as felonies. For instance, indecent exposure and public sexual indecency are normally misdemeanors unless the alleged victim is a child. The same is true of other offenses that would typically be misdemeanors, like prostitution.

Certain types of sex crimes are always felony offenses, regardless of the alleged victim’s age. These include sexual abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. As the experienced lawyers at our firm can explain, most sex offenses are felonies—misdemeanor charges are rare for this type of crime.

Sentencing Scheme for Sexually Based Offenses

Sex crimes have their own sentencing scheme, especially for those involving children under the age of 15. These types of sex offenses, classified as dangerous crimes against children, carry significant punishments. A convicted person can expect a prison sentence of at least ten years for each act, and each sentence is generally consecutive.

Most sex crimes also have additional penalties, including sex offender registration, lifetime probation, mandatory treatment, and counseling. Regardless of what type of sex crime a person faces, they need representation from a relentless Phoenix lawyer to defend against severe consequences.

Types of Investigation Tactics for Alleged Sex Crimes

Generally, police must approach these cases differently than other kinds of criminal charges. Usually, a case begins with an accusation and an interview of the alleged victim, as there are often no witnesses to the crime. For charges involving minors, the police will work with an investigator trained in interviewing children. Based on the interview, the police will try to gather corroborating evidence, including physical evidence like DNA.

In many cases, police are limited in what they can gather and must turn to more creative tactics. One common technique is called a one-party consent call or confrontation call. The police have an alleged witness or victim question or confront the suspect over the phone on a recorded call. The aim is to get the suspect to admit to the allegation over the secretly recorded phone call. Anyone who thinks they might be under investigation for any type of sex crime should call a Phoenix attorney right away to defend against these tactics.

Discuss Types of Sex Offenses with a Phoenix Lawyer

Prosecutors must prove multiple factors to secure convictions for sex crimes. These factors vary from case to case, making it essential to work on a tailored defense strategy with an experienced attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our former prosecutors know how to defend against all types of sex crimes in Phoenix. We will listen to your side of the story, investigate the situation, and determine an effective strategy for your case. Contact us today to get started.

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