Role of an Attorney in Phoenix Sex Crime Cases

When you face allegations of sexual offenses, the stakes are high. These crimes come with lengthy prison sentences upon conviction, not to mention a stain on your criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. You need representation from a skilled attorney who knows how to handle your case the right way.

The role of the lawyer in Phoenix sex crimes cases is to advocate for the client and pursue their best interests. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we accomplish this by understanding the nature of the allegation, crafting defenses, working with experts, and fighting for your rights throughout the process.

When Should I Hire a Sex Crime Attorney?

Hiring an attorney as early as possible in a sex crime case is critical. If a person knows that they are under investigation for a sex crime in Phoenix, our lawyers can intervene and potentially prevent or limit the prosecution from gathering evidence against them.

In the early stages of a sex offense case, an attorney’s job is to counsel the client on protecting their best interests. This could include advising them to avoid phone calls with supposed witnesses or victims and representing them in interviews with the police. The earlier a person contacts legal counsel in a Phoenix sex crime case, the sooner the attorney can begin working to protect them.

Benefits of Legal Counsel in Sex Offense Cases

The importance of legal counsel in a sex crime case cannot be overstated. For one, a lawyer will know what to look for, how to break down the state’s case, and potentially limit their use of evidence. The Phoenix attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are former prosecutors who know how the prosecution operates in sex crime cases. We can use that knowledge to benefit those accused of these offenses.

Another aspect of an attorney’s job in sex crimes cases is to evaluate the potential penalties. The sentencing scheme in Arizona for sex crimes is complicated, so it is important to work with legal counsel that understands the consequences of a conviction and can work to prevent them.

Finally, a seasoned Phoenix lawyer knows the experts to call on in a sex crimes case, including DNA or medical experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, or other professionals. These cases are unique and require specialized training to understand how these investigations work, what type of evidence to look for, and how to build an effective defense. A lawyer’s job is to assess the sexual offense allegations and determine which types of experts can contribute to a strong defense.

Trust in a Client-Attorney Relationship

In any case, the client must trust their lawyer and know that they are working in the client’s best interest. Without that trust, the client may close themselves off or hide information from the attorney, preventing them from fully evaluating the situation.  The client and attorney need to trust each other and communicate honestly. This is especially true of sex crime cases in Phoenix, as our lawyers can attest.

Call to Discuss the Role of a Phoenix Lawyer in Your Sex Crime Case

When facing severe allegations like sex crimes, you need a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the law, procedures, and processes. You also need someone who is empathetic and will listen to your goals for your case.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we know how important the role of an attorney is in Phoenix sex crimes cases. Let us work together with you toward the best outcome in your case. Call us today for a consultation.

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