Sex Crime Investigations in Phoenix

Sex crimes are thoroughly investigated and harshly prosecuted in Arizona. Generally, these cases begin with an allegation to the police, either by the alleged victim or someone close to them. The police will contact that person for an interview; if there is sufficient information to warrant potential criminal charges, the police may move forward with an investigation and eventual arrest.

Navigating sex crime investigations in Phoenix is difficult, especially without legal counsel to protect your rights. A dedicated attorney can make all the difference in how your case proceeds. The former prosecutors at Grand Canyon Law Group know how to represent your best interests and minimize the impact of these allegations on your life.

Investigating Sex Crime Allegations in Phoenix

All local police departments may investigate sex crimes. Usually, these agencies have a Child Crimes Unit, Family Offenses Unit, or Special Victims Unit of dedicated detectives trained and educated in these specific offenses. After someone makes a report, the police may conduct a medical examination to gather DNA evidence if the event happened in the last 72 hours.

From there, they will try to gather additional evidence to support the allegations. If there are witnesses to the event, they will interview those witnesses. They may get a search warrant for the location of the alleged offense. In these early stages of a sex crime investigation, a suspect may not even know they have been accused. As soon as the suspect learns they are under investigation for a sex crime, they should contact an experienced local attorney to discuss their situation.

Confrontation Calls in Sex Offense Investigations

In sex crime investigations, the police often conduct a one-party consent call or confrontation call with the suspect. This usually involves the alleged victim or their family member calling the suspect on a secretly recorded phone call. They will try to get the suspect to admit to the sexual offense. If the suspect admits to anything, the police will likely arrest them and take them into custody for an interview.

The police may also talk to the suspect, trying to get incriminating statements. Many people make the mistake of waiving their rights to an attorney and speaking to the detective without legal representation. In any sex crime investigation, it is always best to call a Phoenix lawyer before speaking with the police.

Constitutional Issues When Investigating Sex Crimes

The most common constitutional issues in sex crime investigations are Fourth and Fifth Amendment violations. The police may violate a suspect’s right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment through search and seizure of their property. If the police obtained a statement from a suspect without reading their Miranda rights or using force, threats, or coercion, this violates the Fifth Amendment.

Throughout a sex crimes investigation in Phoenix, the diligent lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group work to protect a suspect’s rights and defend against police tactics. This is crucial in limiting the evidence the prosecution can use in a potential case. The prosecution may drop the charges altogether if they cannot gather enough evidence.

Contact a Phoenix Lawyer for Sex Crime Investigations

Sex crimes are unique from other alleged offenses, as there are often no witnesses. The police are trained in specific tactics for investigating these complex allegations. When you face these charges, you need a defense attorney with the same experience and knowledge.

Grand Canyon Law Group knows how to handle sex crime investigations in Phoenix the right way. We are experienced in identifying issues with the prosecution’s case and limiting the amount of evidence they can bring to trial. Call us as soon as you learn you are under investigation. We are prepared to fight for you and your way of life.

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