Evidence in Phoenix Sex Crime Cases

Arizona prosecutes and sentences sex crime cases harshly, and Phoenix has some of the strictest laws in the state for sex offense punishments. Almost every offense mandates sex offender registration for life. Because these offenses carry such harsh consequences, prosecutors have significant power to charge these crimes based on various forms of evidence.

Additionally, local prosecutors are generally well-trained in investigating and bringing these charges. You need a skilled lawyer equally trained in representing those accused. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we know how to limit the prosecution’s evidence in Phoenix sex crime cases and fight to protect your rights at every stage.

Types of Evidence in Sex Crime Cases

Usually, the main form of evidence in sex crime cases is testimony from the alleged victim. The credibility of a sex crime victim is crucial to the prosecution’s case. The jury will listen to their testimony and determine whether they believe them.

To support that evidence, prosecutors rely on corroboration—something to lend credibility to the alleged victim. This may involve an admission by the suspect to the police. The police may try to gather this evidence using a one-party consent call or confrontation call. This involves the alleged victim (or their friend or family member) calling the suspect and secretly recording them to try and get them to admit to the crime.

Other forms of evidence may include DNA or medical evidence. In rare cases, there may be witnesses to the event. A seasoned Phoenix attorney can review the evidence in a sex crimes case and work to build a strong defense.

How do Judges Treat Evidence for Sex Offenses?

Judges must weigh in and decide various issues involving evidence—for instance, what evidence is admissible at trial. They must be careful about admitting certain types of testimony, hearsay, or character evidence. Our skilled Phoenix lawyers can work to protect a defendant’s rights and ensure that any evidence admitted to the sex crime trial was properly collected. If the police secured evidence by violating a suspect’s rights, we could work to get it thrown out.

Constitutional Issues in Sexual Crime Cases

In many sex crime cases, the police may interview a suspect in custody but fail to read their Miranda rights. They may also use promises, threats, or other coercive techniques to secure an admission. This violates the suspect’s Constitutional rights, and our attorneys can work to get the evidence excluded.

There may also be Fourth Amendment issues involving police search and seizure procedures. If they did not have the authority to conduct a search, any resulting evidence might have been illegally obtained. Working with a dedicated local attorney is crucial to limiting the prosecution’s evidence in a sex crime case.

Contact a Phoenix Attorney to Discuss Sex Crime Evidence

If you suspect or believe you are being investigated for a sexual offense, contact a lawyer immediately. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can work to prevent your arrest and stop the police from gathering certain types of information.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we know the evidence in Phoenix sex crime cases that the prosecution is looking for. Our dedicated defense attorneys are former prosecutors with years of experience handling these cases. Call us today to discuss your case and get the representation you need for a positive resolution.

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