Ignition Interlock Devices in Phoenix

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a device installed in a motor vehicle that interrupts the car’s ability to start and drive. The driver must breathe into a machine that detects alcohol; if any is detected, the interlock device will shut it down or not allow the car to start. These devices are meant to prevent drunk driving.

If you are convicted of a DUI, you may be required to install an IID on your car. Those facing drunk driving charges should consult an attorney on the potential consequences, including ignition interlock devices in Phoenix. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our seasoned drunk driving defense lawyers are here to answer your questions and provide the legal guidance you need.

Ignition Interlock Requirements for a DUI

There are several circumstances in which a person must install an ignition interlock on their car. If convicted of DUI, they must have an IID for six to 18 months, depending on the circumstances.

Additionally, if they are stopped and arrested for a DUI and refuse a breath or blood test, their license will be suspended for a year. The only way to get their license back at any point during the year is through a special ignition interlock driver’s license. This restricted license requires an interlock on their car to drive, even if they have not yet been convicted of a DUI.

How Much Does an Ignition Interlock Cost?

Ignition interlock devices are generally about $75 to $85 in monthly fees. The installation costs can be several hundred dollars, but most companies will offer discounts to get people to sign up. Anyone facing an IID requirement must have the device installed on any car they drive, even if they are only borrowing the vehicle.

Our experienced attorneys can provide resources and reliable vendors for ignition interlock devices in Phoenix. There are interlock installers all over town and dozens of companies that offer these services.

Other Alcohol Monitoring Devices for DUI Convictions

Sometimes, people convicted of DUI will be put on alcohol-detecting devices similar to ankle monitors. Convicted individuals may also be sentenced to home detention rather than serving jail time, and during that detention, they may be subjected to breathalyzer tests. The courts use several tools besides IIDs post-conviction to monitor a person’s alcohol use.

Call a Phoenix Attorney to Discuss Ignition Interlock Devices

Installing an IID can be an inconvenient and embarrassing reminder of a stressful run-in with the law. Avoiding a DUI conviction is the best way of preventing an ignition interlock requirement. A skilled lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can work to find holes in the case or defenses that will prevent the potential consequences of a conviction. Our legal team can advise on strategies to avoid a conviction and IID requirement through trial or plea negotiations.

If you were already convicted of DUI, our lawyers can advise you on installing ignition interlock devices in Phoenix. We can also work to ensure you fulfill other conditions of your sentence and help minimize the impact of the charges on your life. Give us a call today to discuss your circumstances with a member of our team.

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