Defenses to Drug Charges in Phoenix

There is a whole world of defense strategies that can help achieve good outcomes in drug cases. If you are facing substance-related charges, legal representation from the right attorney can make all the difference in your ability to protect your rights and way of life.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our legal team looks at the surrounding facts and circumstances to understand everything the police did and everything they are accusing you of doing. Our lawyers are experienced in building successful defenses to drug charges in Phoenix. We are here to help obtain the best possible resolution by taking your case to trial, filing motions, or negotiating a plea deal.

Legal Definitions in Building a Drug Defense

Possession is a broad concept in many drug cases. Suppose four people are driving in a car, and a baggie is in the center console. Who possesses that baggie? In theory, anyone in the vehicle could possess it. The legal definition of possession involves being able to exercise dominion or control over a certain item. One potential defense in a drug possession case is to argue that the defendant did not actually possess the substance in question.

A Phoenix lawyer could also create a defense around a person’s intent in a drug sale case. Sale cases can be difficult for the state to prove since many factors must be considered. This also means there are many potential defenses, such as questioning a defendant’s intent to sell or arguing joint possession of the substances.

Constitutional Issues in Phoenix Drug Cases

Drug cases often involve search and seizure issues, such as home or vehicle searches executed without warrants. There are also many potential issues related to police interviews. In a drug case, a seasoned local attorney could question whether the person’s statements were voluntarily given or whether their Miranda rights were properly read.

Traffic Stops

Many drug charges and arrests arise from traffic stops. Sometimes, those traffic stops are done with less than reasonable suspicion or probable cause. If the officer pulls over a vehicle without a good reason, the evidence obtained from that traffic stop may be suppressed in the resulting drug case.

If someone is pulled over for a turn signal violation or other minor traffic offense, the law says that the traffic stop can only last as long as necessary to complete the objective of the stop. In other words, the stop must be brief. Police have been known to delay these stops to bring in drug-sniffing dogs. A savvy drug attorney could argue to suppress the evidence obtained in an unreasonably long traffic stop.

Contact a Phoenix Drug Attorney to Defense Your Case

Even if you have not been arrested or charged yet, you need legal representation as soon as you suspect you are under investigation for drug charges. There are things an attorney can do to begin defending you and help avoid charges.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our dedicated lawyers know what to look for in these cases to build the strongest possible defense. We are prepared to investigate the police’s conduct and protect you against Constitutional violations. Learn more about potential defenses to drug charges in Phoenix by calling our firm today.

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