Consequences of Drug Charges in Phoenix

The penalties for illegal possession, use, or sale of drugs can be severe. In Arizona, the police investigate and prosecute these cases harshly. Beyond potential jail time and criminal sanctions, the criminal record that comes with a drug conviction can impact your social, professional, and family life.

To protect your future and way of life, it is best to work with a relentless attorney on your defense. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we can help mitigate the consequences of drug charges in Phoenix and fight tirelessly for your rights.

Short-Term Consequences for a Drug Arrest

Once a drug case starts in court, the judge may establish release conditions for the defendant. These could include submitting to drug tests, checking in with pretrial services, and reporting to certain places. The defendant may be monitored within the community and face restrictions on their freedom of travel.

Additionally, if their employer learns they have been charged with a drug offense, they may be suspended from work. They could even lose their job before the case is adjudicated. For example, a licensed professional like a doctor or a nurse must report the charge to the governing board and let them know the case is pending. The board may suspend their ability to practice until the case is concluded. Even before the case concludes, there are many potential consequences to drug charges, which our local attorneys could help navigate.

Criminal Penalties for Drug Possession

Anyone found in possession of an illegal drug will likely be charged with a felony. In some instances, the state will allow a first-time offender to enter a diversion program and avoid having a permanent criminal record. The defendant may face severe criminal consequences for the possession of large quantities, drug sale charges, or repeat offenses.

The most important factors in determining the severity of penalties for a drug charge include:

  • The quantity of the drug possessed
  • Whether there is sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant possessed it for sale
  • Whether the defendant has previous felony convictions

A conviction on drug charges could result in penalties ranging from probation and mandatory rehabilitation to hefty fines and years in prison.

The Impact of Drug Charges on a Criminal Record

When a drug charge is initially filed with the court, it will appear on the defendant’s record. The record will show that a case is pending in municipal, justice, or superior court.

Drug convictions will appear in any background checks. This can impact a person’s ability to obtain a job, housing, or public benefits. It can also prevent them from getting student loans, being admitted into school, or obtaining certain professional licenses. It is crucial for those facing drug charges in Phoenix to work with an experienced lawyer who can help avoid the many collateral consequences of a conviction.

Call a Phoenix Attorney to Mitigate the Consequences of a Drug Charge

If you are convicted of a drug offense, you face more than just probation or jail time. Your professional life is at stake, as these charges can lead to the loss of licenses or certifications. A criminal record can limit your housing and educational opportunities. You might be ineligible to receive public benefits like food stamps or welfare.

To prevent the potential consequences of drug charges in Phoenix, it is crucial that you work with a skilled attorney. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we know how to handle your case the right way. When your future is at stake, you need relentless and reliable representation. Call today to get started.

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