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Getting ticketed for speeding or some other minor traffic offense is a common experience, and most people just pay their fine and move on with their lives. However, if you have other traffic offenses on your record, accepting a new one could lead to significant financial penalties, license suspensions, and other consequences.

You always have the option to fight your traffic ticket in court, and you have the right to seek legal support in doing so. Assistance from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can be vital to achieving the desired outcome in your case. Get the support you need from a New River traffic lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group.

The Impact of Multiple Traffic Offenses in New River

In Maricopa County, going more than 10 miles per hour over the posted limit is punishable by a minimum $250 fine. There is an additional $50 penalty for going 15 MPH or more over the limit and up to $200 in additional penalties—for a total fine of $450—for exceeding the speed limit by over 20 MPH. Perhaps more important than the fine, though, are the “points” this type of violation can put on a person’s license.

License Points

Being ticketed for traveling at speeds “not reasonable and prudent” in Arizona can result in three points being added to the ticketed driver’s license. Most other traffic offenses are worth two points. If a driver accumulates eight points within a 12-month period, they must attend an eight-hour in-person Traffic Survival School. Accumulating more points after this may result in progressively longer license suspensions depending on the individual driver’s history of violations.

Increased Insurance Rates

On top of that, all traffic offense convictions within the prior 39 months are visible to car insurance providers. This means even a single traffic offense could lead to significantly increased insurance rates. A traffic ticket can have many consequences on a person’s finances, freedom, and way of life, making it essential to contact a skilled local attorney for assistance.

Options for Resolving Traffic Tickets

Sometimes, it may be appropriate to formally contest a traffic offense in court, mainly if there is limited or inconclusive evidence that the defendant actually committed the crime. In other situations, it may be possible to reduce the severity of penalties associated with a traffic offense by completing a defensive driving course.

This option is only available to Arizona residents seeking to resolve specific violations. They must not have taken any other defensive driving course for traffic violations within the prior 12 months, and the offense cannot have caused serious or fatal injury to anyone else. The traffic lawyers at our New River office can further explain the requirements for this legal option during an initial consultation.

Speak with a New River Traffic Attorney About Your Case

Resolving traffic tickets can technically be as simple as paying the associated fine. However, accepting the ticket has consequences. If you want to protect your rights and interests, talk to a knowledgeable attorney about contesting your traffic offense or seeking alternative sanctions.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, a New River traffic lawyer can provide custom-tailored guidance and support throughout your legal proceedings. Call today for a private meeting and learn how we can fight for you.

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