New River Drug Penalties

You can be charged with various drug offenses in Arizona, each requiring an aggressive and zealous defense. When you face these charges, a knowledgeable attorney could help you better understand the potential ramifications of a conviction and determine the most effective course of action for your case.

Depending on the type of drug, quantity, alleged actions involved, and other factors, the penalties attached to a conviction could be harsh. Discuss the potential New River drug penalties with the legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group. We will explore every avenue for reducing or defeating the charges against you to prevent jail time, fines, and other consequences.

Types of Drug Charges in New River

There are varying degrees of penalties for the various types of drug crimes, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. As such, a conviction can mean anywhere from months to years spent in prison, in addition to serious financial penalties. When someone with prior convictions on their record is convicted of a drug offense, they could face substantially harsher penalties than a first-time offender.

Drug charges can arise from the use, possession, manufacture, sale, or distribution of a wide range of substances, including dangerous drugs like narcotics and even prescription drugs without a valid doctor’s note. Our seasoned local attorneys often defend against penalties for the following common drug charges:

  • Possessing or using a narcotic drug
  • Possessing equipment or chemicals to manufacture a narcotic drug
  • Administering a narcotic drug to someone else
  • Possessing a prescription drug for sale
  • Manufacturing or distributing a misbranded drug

Evaluating the Penalties for Drug Crimes

Our New River lawyers can help someone understand the prospective penalties attached to a specific drug charge. These penalties vary depending on the substance and amount involved; the alleged intent of the accused to possess, make, or sell that substance; the accused’s criminal history; and any other factors the judge deems relevant.

For example, possessing a narcotic drug is a Class 4 felony. This could mean anywhere from 12 months to 3.75 years in jail if convicted. Manufacturing a narcotic drug is a Class 2 felony, which could lead to three to 12.5 years of imprisonment upon conviction, plus fines. Possessing a prescription drug for sale is a Class 6 felony, which could lead to up to two years upon conviction. As a New River attorney can explain, these drug penalty ranges are for first-time convictions; higher sentences apply for repeat offenders.

Speak with a New River Attorney About Drug Penalties and Defenses

Even if you are charged with a drug crime, you still have options for fighting the allegations and protecting your future. An attorney could help you explore all available defenses for reducing or avoiding New River drug penalties.

No matter your circumstances, Grand Canyon Law Group will ensure you have a relentless legal advocate fighting for your best interests. We believe you have a way of life worth saving. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and learn how our former prosecutors, now dedicated defense attorneys, can take the lead in your case.

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