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Learning you have been accused of child abuse is devastating for a parent or caregiver. You might be confused, angry, defensive, and worried about how the accusation will affect your reputation.

Protecting children and keeping them safe is a cherished value in our society. Unfortunately, this means that people often condemn someone accused of child abuse before the facts are out. A child abuse accusation will lead to an investigation by child protection authorities and the police. You need a seasoned attorney to protect you and your rights.

A New River child abuse lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group can skillfully handle your case and work to protect your relationships. Get in touch as soon as you learn of the allegations against you.

Conduct That Could Lead to Child Abuse Charges

People sometimes think of child abuse as conduct that produces severe physical injuries, but the legal definition is much broader. According to Arizona Revised Statute §13-3623, any act or failure to act that puts a child in physical or emotional danger could be child abuse.

The law against child abuse covers various situations that could form the basis of charges, including the following:

  • Leaving a young child home alone
  • Failing to properly supervise a child in a bathtub or pool
  • Providing inadequate food, clothing, or medical care
  • Causing a child extreme emotional distress through withholding care and affection
  • Exposing a child to pornography or sexual behavior
  • Allowing a child to spend time with an abusive person
  • Using illegal drugs in a child’s presence
  • Engaging in a pattern of ridiculing or demeaning a child

Determining whether an act or omission is child abuse can be subjective, but investigators are often quick to bring charges. Some people, such as teachers, healthcare workers, and law enforcement personnel, have a legal and ethical duty to report suspected child abuse. Anyone could make an anonymous report of abuse, and the Arizona Department of Child Safety must follow up. Anyone accused of child abuse needs to contact our experienced New River attorneys immediately.

Explaining the Child Abuse Law

Arizona’s child abuse statute is complicated. The severity of the charge and associated punishment depends on the accused’s state of mind and whether the conduct resulted in an actual injury or put the child at risk of an injury. Conduct could be child abuse if it is intentional, reckless, or negligent. However, first offenders may be eligible for probation instead of prison; a New River child abuse lawyer can argue that probation is justified in an appropriate case.

Combat Child Abuse Charges with a New River Attorney

All criminal investigations and proceedings are stressful, but the stakes are much higher if the alleged crime involves children. An experienced legal professional could help you through the ordeal with minimal impact on your life.

A New River child abuse lawyer is prepared to fight tirelessly for the best possible outcome in your case. Speak with a seasoned attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group by giving us a call.

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