Types of Sex Crimes in Mesa

In Arizona, sex crimes are governed under Title 13 in Chapter 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. This area of criminal law describes an overarching set of behaviors that occur without a person’s consent or with a person who is unable to consent due to various reasons, such as their age. Sex crimes could also include acts that involve an invasion of private or public space, such as public indecency or voyeurism.

Sexually based offenses are some of the most severely punished crimes in Arizona. Many convictions come with mandatory jail sentences and sex offender registration, which can stigmatize a person for the rest of their life. If you are accused of any of the following types of sex crimes in Mesa, reach out to the skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group to aggressively defend your rights and protect your way of life.

What is a Sex Crime?

There are at least a dozen separate offenses that constitute sex crimes in Mesa. Incidents involving adults typically involve behavior that occurs without a person’s consent, such as:

  • Voyeurism (recording or viewing a person in the state of undress in an area where they expect privacy)
  • Indecent exposure or public sexual indecency
  • Sexual abuse (touching the private parts or the breast of an adult person without that person’s consent)
  • Sexual assault (sexual conduct or intercourse without a person’s consent)

Sex crimes also encompass various offenses involving children:

Offenses involving minors are among the most serious of sexual crimes and come with harsh punishments, usually including mandatory prison sentences. Any Mesa resident facing these types of sex crime charges should consult our experienced attorneys immediately.

Sentencing for Sex Offenses in Mesa

The consequences of a sex crime conviction can be huge, and a person convicted of a sexual offense may face life in prison. Sometimes, prison sentences are over ten years for every single offense that is charged. An indictment can have a dozen or more counts, which can put a person in prison for hundreds of years.

In addition to harsh prison sentences, a sexual crime conviction could come with mandatory sex offender registration, which may impact a person’s reputation and future prospects in various ways. A criminal record of this sort can jeopardize one’s housing options, employment and educational opportunities, or chances of receiving certain types of licensing.

Are There Sex Crime Penalties Besides Jail?

Although sentencing for sexual offense charges often involves prison time, a rigorous, proactive legal defense from our Mesa lawyers could help to get charges reduced or even dismissed. Probation is one alternative outcome for a sex crimes case, as well as counseling, therapy, or other court sanctions. Some misdemeanor offenses may only come with a fine.

However, there are other kinds of serious penalties besides jail sentences that could accompany sex crime charges. A person could lose the ability to be around minors or family members, travel freely in the community, or even use a computer. Because there are many different factors at play in Mesa sex crime cases, those facing these types of charges should work with our former legal prosecutors on a strong, well-tailored defense.

Call an Attorney to Defend Against Various Types of Sex Crimes in Mesa

No matter the specific charge you face, you have rights and freedoms that are worth protecting. Our skilled legal team at the Grand Canyon Law Group has experience successfully defending against sexually based charges. We can use that knowledge and skill in cases involving various types of sex crimes in Mesa. If you are accused of a sex offense, call our firm immediately for consultation.

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