Sex Crimes Probation Termination in Mesa

When a person is convicted of a sex crime under Arizona state law, they could face substantial criminal penalties. One of the more severe and long-lasting consequences is an extensive probationary period. In some cases, probation could even be set to last a lifetime.

If you are currently on probation for committing a sex crime and seek to have that period terminated early, the skilled attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can provide the legal support need to accomplish this. For more information on sex crimes probation termination in Mesa, speak with our experienced legal team today.

Process to Terminate a Sex Offender Probation Period Early

In Mesa, a court may terminate a person’s probationary period on its own volition or by request of the defendant under § 13-901(E) of the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.). To grant the early termination of probation for a sex crime, the court will first take multiple factors into consideration.

The legal process for terminating a probation period early in Arizona can be found under 16A A.R.S. Rules Crim.Proc., Rule 27.4. A knowledgeable attorney at our firm can assess the facts of a defendant’s case to determine whether they qualify for early probation termination in Mesa. If a defendant qualifies, our legal team is experienced in filing for early termination under the state’s laws and can assist with the process.

Factors to Qualify for Early Termination of Sex Crimes Probation

There are several factors a court may consider when deciding whether to terminate a sex crime probation period early. Such factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Support of probation officer (or lack thereof) to terminate probation early
  • Length of time already spent on probation
  • Correspondence from family and friends evidencing support of early probation termination
  • Status of compliance with the Adult Probation Department (e.g., payment of any fees due and compliance with the conditions of probation)
  • Support of therapist (or lack thereof) to terminate probation early
  • Evaluation from a licensed professional (e.g., psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist) evidencing that the person is not a danger to the community
  • Polygraph test results

After reviewing and considering these factors, the Mesa court can make a determination as to whether a sex offender’s probationary period may be terminated early. However, the court will not consider ending a probation period until a Petition to Terminate is filed. Once retained, our persistent lawyers will properly prepare and file a Petition to Terminate a sex crimes probation period on behalf of a Mesa defendant.

Consult an Attorney on Sex Crimes Probation Termination in Mesa

Although it is possible to terminate a sex crimes probation period early, it is not easy to achieve without well-practiced legal assistance. Fortunately, the seasoned legal team at Grand Canyon Law has handled many of these types of cases and can assist with the process.

If you have spent time on probation for a sex crime under Arizona state law, you may be eligible for an early end to your sentence by filing a Petition to Terminate with a state court. By retaining a dedicated legal advocate who is familiar with sex crimes probation termination in Mesa, you could increase your chances of a successful outcome to your case. Call our team today to get started.

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