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It’s no secret that a felony conviction can subject you to a number of penalties including jail time, fines, and probation. What many people fail to realize, however, is that a felony conviction will also cause you to lose many of your civil rights. Luckily there is recourse, depending on the unique circumstances of your case.

Our experienced Mesa rights restoration lawyers can help you restore these civil liberties through a restoration of civil rights. We understand the major impact a felony conviction can have on the rest of your life and we will work aggressively to restore your rights when you choose our firm.

Restoration of Civil Rights in Mesa

Under Arizona Revised Statutes Title 13-904 to 13-908, a felony conviction causes the loss of several civil rights. With the help of a skilled Mesa attorney, you may be able to restore your right:

  • To vote
  • To hold public office
  • To possess a firearm
  • To serve as a juror

It’s not uncommon for those convicted of a felony to feel as though they are being treated like second-class citizens. In addition to the loss of rights, a felony conviction can make it tough to get a job, obtain certain professional licenses, and even find a place to live. For help restoring your civil rights in Mesa, contact us today.

Who Qualifies for Restoration of Rights?

Typically, individuals who were convicted of one felony in Arizona will automatically have their rights restored after they complete their probation or receive an absolute discharge. However, it is always best to file an application to restore your rights in Arizona to ensure that they are actually restored. Individuals who have been convicted of two or more felonies will need to file an application to be considered for restoration of rights. Those who have been convicted of certain violent crimes and crimes against children will not be able to recover their gun rights.

If you have had your gun rights taken away from you, you may be able to apply to get them back. Our Mesa gun rights restoration team can work with you. Don’t wait any longer, reach out to us for help right away.

Get Your Rights Back with the Help of a Mesa Restoration of Rights Attorney

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our founding attorney is a former senior prosecutor in Maricopa County, giving our firm a unique understanding of the criminal process. We have handled more than a thousand cases, and have seen countless examples of individuals try to turn their lives around after a criminal conviction. When you retain our law firm, we will work tirelessly to restore your rights and help you return to life as normal. Get in touch with a Mesa rights restoration lawyer to begin discussing the details of your case.

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