Steps After a Mesa DUI Arrest

It is normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed after being pulled over for a DUI. Understanding the steps after a Mesa DUI arrest can help make this process less stressful. A knowledgeable attorney can ensure that your rights are protected during this process and advise you on your next steps. Our team at Grand Canyon Law Group has extensive experience handling DUI cases and knows how to present your defense in a favorable light.

Immediately After an Arrest

Following a DUI stop, law enforcement usually transports an individual to a police facility or a jail. This is where the person will be processed for the DUI. Alternatively, depending on the night and how the police are operating, they may instead take the person to a mobile van for processing.

During processing, the police will read the person a form that deals with obtaining consent for a blood draw and explain the state mandates related to consenting or not consenting to a blood draw. If the person consents, the blood draw will then be performed.

What If Someone Does Not Consent to a Blood Draw?

If a person does not consent to a blood draw, an officer will draft a search warrant for the blood and send that search warrant to a judge. A judge can sign off, giving the officer the authority to take the individual’s blood without their consent. At this point, the blood will be drawn and packaged in a kit that will later be impounded at the police department. The blood is then sent to a crime lab for processing and testing.

The Questioning Process for a Mesa DUI

After a person’s blood is drawn, the next step after a DUI arrest is usually for the officer to sit them down and interview them. The officer will ask them a series of questions about their night, including:

  • Where they were coming from
  • Where they were going
  • How much they had to drink
  • How much food they had consumed
  • Whether they feel impaired
  • Whether there’s any mechanical issues or difficulties with their car

Once questioning is over, an individual will typically be released if the case is a misdemeanor DUI. For a felony DUI, a person will usually be booked into the county jail, where they will be held overnight to see a judge.

Refusing Testing During a DUI Stop

Anyone can legally refuse testing after a DUI. If a consents to testing and their blood alcohol concentration is above the legal limit of .08, their license will be suspended for 90 days. If a person refuses testing, their license will be suspended for one year.

The decision to refuse testing is one’s own to make. However, it is always best to contact an attorney before making this decision. Law enforcement must give a person the opportunity to retain legal counsel. If the police do not allow a person to consult with a lawyer, the state could be left unable to prove their case. A Mesa attorney can provide guidance and prevent an individual from providing incriminatory evidence after a DUI arrest.

Discuss the Steps After a Mesa DUI Arrest with a Knowledgeable Attorney

The steps after a Mesa DUI arrest can be scary. Having a skilled lawyer by your side can take some of the confusion out of the process. At Grand Canyon Law Group, we are dedicated to defending your rights in cases like these. If you have been arrested for a DUI, do not wait to contact a professional at our office. We can get to work on your defense and ensure that law enforcement does not take advantage of you. Call today to learn more.

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