Jail After a Mesa DUI Arrest

After a Mesa DUI arrest, the police will usually take you to the city jail facility where you will be processed. Sometimes, processing happens in a mobile DUI command center or a van. While people arrested for driving under the influence are often cited and released, there are certain situations where you may be booked and held to see a judge within 24 hours for a bond hearing.

Going to jail after a Mesa DUI arrest can be unsettling. You might be unsure of what steps to take or who to call. A dedicated DUI attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group is ready to help. We can help you understand what to expect from your case and start building your defense immediately after your arrest.

Central Booking in Mesa

When someone is arrested for a misdemeanor DUI in Mesa or another municipality, they are not usually booked into jail. Officers usually cite and release these individuals rather than keeping them in custody at the county jail. For felony DUIs, however, individuals are usually taken to central booking.

One agency—the Department of Public Safety or the State Troopers—will commonly book people into the central booking area at the county’s sheriff’s office even on a misdemeanor DUI. Someone may also be booked into jail if they are not cooperating with law enforcement or refusing to provide a name or other necessary information to be cited and released.

What Happens After Someone Is Booked?

After someone is booked into the jail, they have to see a judge within 24 hours to determine their release conditions on their initial appearance. An individual will be held in custody until a judge can see them. Usually, for municipalities, if someone is arrested at night, they will see a judge first thing that next morning, even on weekends.

Medical Care

Anyone who is booked into jail will need to be medically cleared. Law enforcement does not want people who are in emergency situations or have life-threatening diseases or illnesses to be in the jail facility. People booked into jail for driving under the influence need to undergo a medical review to ensure they are in a position to be jailed. If someone needs to be moved to a hospital, they will be transported under the supervision of the police.

DUI Testing

A person arrested for driving under the influence will undergo DUI testing. In Mesa, breath tests are not commonly used in DUI stops. Instead, blood draws are often performed by certified phlebotomists in the mobile van or at the jail. The county jail has an area designated specifically for DUI testing. An officer will inform an individual on state laws regarding consent for DUI testing and will then either draw the blood themselves or bring in a phlebotomist to perform the blood draw. The blood will then be sent to a crime lab for testing.

Discuss Jail After a Mesa DUI Arrest with a Dedicated Lawyer from Grand Canyon Law Group

If you are taken to jail after a Mesa DUI arrest, it is crucial that you understand your rights and your next steps. The police must give you the opportunity to consult with a lawyer, and it is in your best interests to contact a skilled attorney so you do not make any decisions that could impact your future case.

If you or a loved one are facing charges for driving under the influence, you are not without legal options. A dedicated member of our team can work with you to ensure that the police do not take advantage of you. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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