DUI Classes in Mesa

Alcohol education courses are designed to teach people about the dangers of substance abuse and provide tools for overcoming their tendencies. These classes offer guidance on drinking appropriately and avoiding intoxicated driving. Those arrested for or convicted of DUI may be required to attend these courses.

To learn more about DUI classes in Mesa, speak with the legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our knowledgeable DUI attorneys can explain your options following an arrest or conviction, such as diversion programs. We can help determine if seeking alternative sentencing would be beneficial in your situation.

Types of DUI Programs in Mesa

There are many alcohol education programs in Arizona run by various companies. Mesa uses its own company called Prodigy. The courses are standardized statewide and must meet the requirements set by Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). Several companies offer online courses, such as Stonewall Institute, which is exclusively online. Many companies provide in-person and online programs due to the COVID pandemic.

It is important to note that a DUI educational program differs from a traffic school. Although traffic school includes DUI education and awareness, it is designed for rules of the road and defensive driving, while alcohol education programs focus on substance abuse counseling and treatment. Our local attorneys can further explain the purpose of DUI classes and how it differs from traffic school.

When are Alcohol Education Classes Required?

Substance abuse screening and education are mandatory for anyone convicted of any form of DUI. However, a person can also take a DUI course voluntarily by enrolling and paying for the class. A court order is not required to attend an alcohol education program.

Attending DUI classes can show that a person is taking the situation seriously. Sometimes, prosecutors or courts will be more lenient if the defendant has already completed the education or treatment program ahead of time. Our Mesa lawyers can advise on the potential benefits of attending DUI classes while a trial is pending.

Other DUI Education Options

Many agencies and companies offer DUI group therapy activities. Additionally, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) puts on victim impact panels to educate people on the dangers of drunk driving. These involve family members of DUI crash victims talking about their experiences to spread awareness about safe driving.

Many courts will require people convicted of DUI to participate in a MADD impact panel. These one-time seminars usually last a few hours, and a person required to attend will need to get a certificate from the panel to show proof of compliance to the court. Those facing court-ordered classes or panels after a DUI conviction should discuss the requirements with our attorneys in Mesa.

Discuss DUI Classes with a Mesa Lawyer

Substance abuse education and treatment programs are often requirements for those convicted on DUI charges. However, attending these courses voluntarily can also be beneficial in some instances. This may show the prosecutor that a defendant takes the situation seriously and is dedicated to making a change in their life.

If you are arrested for or convicted of intoxicated driving, reach out to the experienced attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group to discuss your situation. We can explain your options for DUI classes in Mesa and help protect your way of life.

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