Mesa DUI Arraignment

In a driving under the influence (DUI) case, an arraignment is usually your first hearing. During an arraignment, you will stand before the judge, enter a plea of not guilty, and set the case for a future court date. If you have an attorney to represent you in your DUI case, you will usually not appear at your arraignment because your attorney will handle it for you.

In the case that you do attend a Mesa DUI arraignment, your lawyer can advise you on what your charges are, help you enter a not guilty plea, and advise you of your constitutional rights. It is crucial to work with an attorney with ample experience in handling these cases, like our team at Grand Canyon Law Group. We are ready to assist you with your DUI case– call today to learn more.

How Bail is Set During an Arraignment

During an arraignment, a judge will usually address release conditions and bail. For a misdemeanor DUI, the court will usually not set any bail or bond and will release the defendant without requiring payment. However, for felony DUIs, such as those involving injuries or death, bail can be set as high as tens of thousands of dollars. A judge may also impose stringent conditions of release, such as a required curfew, during an arraignment.

Potential Pleas at an Arraignment

It is always advisable to plead not guilty at a DUI arraignment in Mesa. This is because at the arraignment stage, there has not yet been an opportunity to go through the discovery process, which is the evidence reviewing process. Any plea, other than a not guilty plea, could unjustly leave an individual without any defenses early on in their case.

Consequences of a Guilty Plea

If an individual pleads guilty at their arraignment, they will be obligated to face certain mandatory consequences. State legislature has established minimum mandatory consequences for driving under the influence. These include fines, jail time, license suspension, required counseling, community service, and more. Because the potential consequences of a DUI are so severe, it is highly advisable for a person to thoroughly assess their case and evidence against them, alongside their attorney, prior to considering a guilty plea.

Having a Lawyer Vacates the Need for an Arraignment

Usually, when someone hires an attorney for their Mesa DUI case, the arraignment is vacated, or in other words, canceled. This is because the hearing becomes unnecessary when a person has legal counsel as the attorney can enter a not guilty plea through a written motion with the court. This can save an accused the time and stress of having to go to court for this very limited hearing.

Attempting to handle an arraignment without the help of an attorney is not advisable as individuals are not always aware of their full range of options and defenses in a DUI case. Often, people will plead guilty simply to get the case over with and will be left to face severe consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to retain competent legal counsel, as soon as possible after a DUI arrest, to avoid an unfavorable outcome.

Discuss Mesa DUI Arraignment with an Experienced Lawyer

Upon being charged with a DUI, it is best to be aware of the steps ahead of you. In some cases, one of those steps may be an arraignment. While having a skilled DUI attorney in your corner often negates the need for arraignment, it is still advisable to ensure you understand how this process works and the consequences of pleading guilty or not guilty.

If you or someone you love has been charged with driving under the influence, do not wait to take legal action. An attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can assist you in every step of your case, including a Mesa DUI arraignment. Schedule a free consultation today to speak with a dedicated legal professional about your defense options.

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