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Many of our clients face criminal charges as a result of addiction to drugs. We have become familiar with recovery resources and understand the challenges of relapse as part of the process.

In addition, challenges can arise in which clients are accused of possession of drugs that were possessed by someone they were with when arrested. These can be challenging, and require an aggressive approach.

In addition, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act has resulted in many people being arrested and charged for allegedly violating one of the restrictions in the act. It is important to become familiar with the restrictions and requirements of the act. Unfortunately, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has taken a dim view of the act and has aggressively charged cases. The approach differs from county to county.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, you will work directly with an experienced attorney who will work for the best outcome for your case. The partners in our firm are former prosecutors who formerly worked with the people charging your case. This benefits our clients and has produced a long history of the best results.

Someone convicted of a felony drug offense in Arizona can face substantial penalties, including a fine, imprisonment, or both. A person regularly involved in unlawful drug activity or someone convicted of such an offense through their association with a criminal enterprise potentially faces a life sentence in prison. A drug-related charge can have serious effects, particularly on someone with one or more prior convictions.

When confronting a charge for unlawful activity related to marijuana or any dangerous, narcotic, or prescription-only substance it is important work with a local attorney who has experience in defending and prosecuting criminal cases. If you face a serious drug charge, you need honest advice and strategy from a top Mesa drug lawyer. To get started on your case, call today to schedule a consultation. En Español.

Local Marijuana Laws

The Arizona Criminal Code makes it unlawful to knowingly possess, use, sell, or produce marijuana. It is also illegal in Arizona to transport marijuana for sale, import it into the state, sell it, transfer it, or offer to do any of these activities. These offenses can lead to any of several classes of felonies, depending on the particular offense and the amount of marijuana involved.

Someone convicted of a violation faces, in addition to any other penalties imposed, a fine of either $750 or three times the value of the marijuana involved, whichever is greater. Similar penalties apply for crimes involving narcotic drugs, but the fine imposed in those cases is the greater of $2,000 or three times the value of the narcotics in question. Someone charged with a marijuana offense could consult with a local drug lawyer to determine the potential outcomes in their case, from dismissal to conviction.

Laws Related to Prescription Drugs

Certain drugs may be obtained only by a prescription issued by a licensed provider. Unless properly licensed or permitted to do so, a person may not possess such drugs for sale, manufacture them, possess materials for manufacturing them, administer them without proper authority, or obtain them by fraud. It is also unlawful to possess, use, manufacture, or distribute a misbranded drug.

Along with any other penalties they receive, someone convicted of one of these offenses must pay a $1,000 fine. If you face a charge for violating a local or federal drug law, a drug attorney in your local area could inform you about the potential penalties involved and any opportunities you might have to avoid prosecution or seek a reduced charge or sentence.

Sentencing of Serious Drug Offenders

An adult or someone tried as an adult who is convicted of a serious drug offense that is part of a general pattern of unlawful drug-related activity from which they derive significant income (i.e., more than $25,000 per year) receives a sentence of life imprisonment. Unless the sentence is commuted, they may not receive parole, sentence suspension, probation, release, or pardon before serving 25 years. The same penalty applies to someone who commits such an offense as part of their association with a drug-dealing enterprise.

Find an Attorney to Uphold Your Rights and Support Your Decisions

The choices made by someone facing a drug charge will profoundly affect their future. Find the right person to consult regarding these choices.

If you face a serious drug charge, consider all your options for representation. Contact a Mesa drug lawyer who knows how to secure a positive outcome in your case. Choosing the right lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case and your life in the future.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, you will work directly with an experienced former prosecutor who knows how to get the best outcome in you case, and who will work tirelessly to achieve it for you.

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