Defenses for Stalking Charges in Mesa

If you are accused of stalking, it is critical to understand the allegations against you and what led up to the charges. This is a crucial part of investigating the case and determining the best avenue for mounting an effective defense.

A skilled attorney at Grand Canyon Law Group can help. Our legal team is made up of former prosecutors who understand all the available defenses for stalking charges in Mesa. We use this knowledge to vigorously defend the accused and can help protect our clients from the harsh consequences of these types of accusations.

Challenging Orders of Protection for Stalking

An order of protection is a judicial order that commands or forbids a person from contacting another person or going to certain places. If a person is charged with stalking, their release conditions will forbid contact with the alleged victim.

However, an alleged victim does not need to have stalking charges to seek an order of protection. The knowledgeable attorneys at our Mesa office can assist with challenging orders of protection, whether they are independent of or related to stalking charges.

Preparing a Defense for Stalking Allegations

When preparing a defense in a stalking case, our skilled Mesa lawyers will gather all sorts of evidence related to what was going on in the relationship. This could include text messages or other electronic information.

We will also work to get information about the accuser and see what motivated them to make those charges, whether there is a reasonable explanation for the behavior, or whether there is even proof that the alleged stalking occurred. Using this evidence, an experienced attorney at our firm can determine the best possible defense strategy for combatting the stalking allegations.

Should You Take a Plea Deal for Stalking Charges in Mesa?

It depends on the nature of the evidence. If there is good proof that the defendant engaged in harassing behavior, and there is no reasonable explanation for it, an attorney may advise against going to trial where the evidence is stacked against them. Even in cases where the evidence is strong, our attorneys can often negotiate an outcome where our clients get minimal penalties in exchange for an admission or plea. At times, we can even avoid a conviction on their record.

There may be mitigating circumstances in the defendant’s favor, such as a mental health problem or unusual circumstances that lead to the alleged stalking. In every case, a local attorney experienced in handling stalking cases will need to look at the individual situation and decide on the best approach. Negotiating an outcome through a plea may be beneficial in certain cases.

Retain a Mesa Attorney to Defend Against Stalking Charges

When researching defense lawyers, it is essential to work with someone who knows the law, who is creative, and who is not afraid to fight against the allegations and stand up for their client. The right attorney could make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we understand how these charges are pursued by local prosecutors, and we know all the possible defenses to stalking charges in Mesa. We know the judges who handle these types of cases. We are well-equipped to evaluate the evidence, formulate a defense strategy, and work for the best outcome in negotiations or court. Give us a call today to learn how we can fight for you and your way of life.

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