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Stalking charges can be brought for a wide variety of actions including repeated text messages, phone calls, or appearances at a person’s home, workplace, or school. If you are accused of implied threatening behavior, you could be facing serious criminal charges, even if you were making a legitimate attempt to communicate with another person.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our experienced attorneys are skilled at investigating and defending these types of cases. A Mesa stalking lawyer can protect your rights, clear up misunderstandings, and ensure that your side of the story is represented.

What Constitutes Stalking in Mesa?

Stalking is an offense outlined under the Arizona Criminal Code, Title 13-2923. It involves intentionally or knowingly engaging in conduct directed towards another person that causes emotional distress. These charges can also involve an alleged victim fearing that their property is going to be damaged or destroyed, or that someone will be injured, whether it be themselves, a family member, or an animal. Our seasoned local attorneys can investigate the exact circumstances of a stalking case to determine an effective defense strategy.

Differences between Harassment and Stalking

Harassment, addressed under A.R.S. 13-2921, relates to communication between the suspect and the alleged victim. Harassment charges could be brought for:

  • Repeated calls, texts, or other forms of contact
  • Spying or surveillance
  • False reports

On the other hand, stalking involves more threatening behaviors. The alleged victim must fear harm to themselves, their property, or other people for stalking charges to be brought. The difference depends on the nature of the act and whether it is seen as dangerous or merely annoying. However, it is possible for a person to be charged with both harassment and stalking.

Additional Criminal Offenses Related to Stalking

Stalking charges could be added on to other criminal offenses. For instance, if a person is accused of following someone into a restricted area, they could be charged with trespassing. Looking into someone’s home or window could lead to voyeurism charges on top of stalking or harassment. Threatening or intimidating is another separate offense that our experienced Mesa attorneys often defend alongside stalking charges.

Penalties for a Stalking Conviction in Mesa

A person could face various penalties depending on the nature of the alleged stalking. For instance, stalking that relates to emotional distress and/or physical injury is typically a Class 5 felony. If a person threatens serious physical injury using a deadly weapon, the charges increase to a Class 3 felony and in some cases can be charged as a “dangerous” offense, which escalated prison exposure and other penalties.

Sentencing for any of these felony charges can include many years in prison. Stalking is a serious offense, and those accused need aggressive legal representation from the best legal team to protect their future and way of life.

Call a Mesa Attorney to Defend Against Stalking Charges

If you are accused of harassing or threatening someone, you need to take the allegations seriously and contact legal counsel as soon as possible. A conviction could hurt your freedom, reputation, and future opportunities.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we believe you have a way of life worth protecting and are here to provide dedicated representation regardless of the circumstances of your case. Whether there is a good basis or proof of these accusations, it is vital to get at top criminal defense team to handle your case the right way from day one. At GCLG, all we do is criminal defense. You will be represented by a former Deputy County Attorney who knows the players involved in your case and how to attack the weaknesses in the accusations against you. Call us today and speak to a Mesa stalking lawyer about your situation.

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