Factors in Mesa Domestic Violence Cases

When a lawyer assesses a domestic violence case, they will often consider the aggravating and mitigating aspects of the facts. Aggravating factors are things that could increase the penalties an accused person faces, while mitigating factors can help reduce their potential sentencing or avoid a conviction altogether.

There are many factors in Mesa domestic violence cases that someone without a legal background might not consider. If you are facing these types of charges, it is essential to work an experienced attorney on your defense. At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our attorneys are former prosecutors, well-equipped to combat the allegations against you and support you throughout the legal process.

Aggravating Factors for Mesa Domestic Violence Charges

Aggravating factors will determine whether a charge is misdemeanor or felony and what degree of penalties you will face. Factors that can escalate domestic violence charges include:

  • A broken bone
  • A cut that requires stitches
  • Serious physical injury
  • Use of a weapon or dangerous instrument
  • Two prior domestic violence incidents or convictions

It is crucial for anyone accused of domestic violence to discuss potential aggravating factors with a skilled local attorney. A strong legal defense may be necessary to avoid increased sentencing and potential jail time.

Mitigations in Domestic Abuse Cases

One important task for a seasoned defense attorney is to identify the mitigating factors of the situation, or factors that lessen the seriousness of the penalties. Our lawyers are experienced in assessing all aspects of domestic violence case and determining factors that may mitigate the charges and their potential penalties.

For instance, if the defendant has been doing counseling or taking other steps to show that they are working on the issue while the case is pending, that could positively impact their verdict or pre-trial negotiations. Additional mitigating factors that a lawyer could highlight include:

  • Past service to the community
  • Young age
  • No prior criminal history
  • Victim’s position on punishment

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our skilled legal team is always looking for mitigating aspects and weaknesses in the prosecution’s domestic violence case. Based on these various factors, we can advise an accused Mesa resident on pursuing low-risk negotiation outcomes or dismissal, if the case goes to trial. Additionally, our lawyers are well-practiced at arguing for reduced sentencing based on the mitigating information in a particular case.

Call a Mesa Attorney to Discuss Factors in Domestic Violence Cases

Many times, domestic violence charges are difficult to prove. The experienced attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group understand how to identify mitigating factors in Mesa domestic violence cases and highlight flaws in the prosecution’s argument.

In these types of cases, it is critical to work with the right legal counsel. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling domestic violence cases, and we understand how these accusations can seriously impact your life. Call us today to learn how we could fight on your behalf and protect your future.

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