Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges in Mesa

Domestic violence charges can be brought in a variety of criminal cases involving people with a prior relationship, such as spouses, family members, or even roommates. A person accused of domestic violence faces severe penalties. If convicted, a person could also face long-lasting damage to their reputation and future prospects.

It takes a lot of work and skill to successfully defend against domestic violence or “domestic abuse” allegations. If you are accused of this offense, consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our lawyers know various defenses for domestic violence charges in Mesa and can determine a well-tailored strategy for your situation.

What to Do after a Domestic Violence Accusation

The first step that an accused Mesa resident should take is to contact an attorney. After an allegation for domestic violence, whether the case has been charged or not, the police may question the accused person or ask for a statement. Although people often want to explain their side of the story, this can be a big mistake. Anything that a person says can and will be used against them in court. Without legal representation, accused individuals may accidentally incriminate themselves or have their words misconstrued by the officer.

A dedicated lawyer at our firm can facilitate communications with the police and tell the accused person’s side of the story on their behalf, without the risk of having those words twisted or taken out of context to use against them. The attorneys at the Grand Canyon Law Group are skilled in protecting the rights of those accused of domestic violence and defending them from probing investigations by the Mesa police. They are former prosecutors who know what the police are trying to do to get the accused charged and convicted, and they know how to prevent or minimize that effort by the police.

How Can I Protect Myself in a Domestic Violence Investigation?

After being accused of domestic violence, many people have the impulse to post on social media or text the alleged victim. However, those accused are strongly advised against posting or communicating with their accuser. A skilled attorney can offer further advice on protecting oneself during an ongoing domestic violence investigation in Mesa, as much depends upon the facts and circumstances of an individual case.

Defending against Domestic Violence Allegations in Mesa

The first part is fighting the legal side of the case—whether the prosecutor has everything they need for a conviction. We point out the weaknesses in the case that call into doubt whether our client committed an offense, or whether the State will be able to prove those allegations at trial. We will gather any available evidence to argue against the domestic violence charges.

The second piece of a strong defense is to talk about the character of the defendant. Our experienced attorneys will put together a case that talks about the individual and their positive qualities related to their family, employment, and other contributions to the community. This helps establish the defendant’s character.

Additionally, our legal team will sometimes employ our own lie detector test with a polygrapher that we have chosen. A polygraph report can be powerful in establishing a person’s innocence and defending against these charges. However, we strongly advise against agreeing to a police polygraph.

These are some of the powerful tools and strategies that we use in the negotiation phase of the case to try to avoid or reduce a conviction. However, if the case makes sense to take to trial, we are trial attorneys. We have taken countless domestic violence cases to trial. Each case is different, but it is probably our most dismissed type of case at trial.

Regardless of the circumstances of a particular domestic violence case, the attorneys at Grand Canyon Law are savvy in building a suitable defense for the situation at hand.

Discuss Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges in Mesa with a Lawyer

If you have been accused of any domestic violence crime, it is your right to seek strong legal representation and defend against these allegations. There are various defenses for domestic violence charges in Mesa, but it is critical to work with a well-practiced attorney to successfully utilize any legal strategy. You have a way of life worth protecting, so contact the Grand Canyon Law Group today to get started on your defense.

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