Consequences of Child Abuse Charges in Mesa

Allegations of child abuse are prosecuted harshly and can lead to steep penalties. They can be devastating to a person’s family and every other aspect of their life. There are many potential short-term and long-term consequences that accompany a conviction, and these charges can impact a person’s freedom, reputation, relationships, and way of life.

Additionally, child abuse accusations can lead to both criminal and civil investigations, which can be difficult to navigate simultaneously. To mitigate the consequences of child abuse charges in Mesa, it is crucial to work with a proactive defense attorney. The legal team at Grand Canyon Law Group is experienced at aggressively combatting allegations and effectively navigating the sensitive nature of these cases.

Criminal Penalties for Child Abuse

Following a child abuse conviction, a person may face major restrictions on their freedom as well as various criminal consequences. These could include:

  • Prison
  • Probation
  • Mandatory classes and treatment
  • Fines and fees
  • Restriction from being with their family and/or children
  • Removal from their home

Long-Term Consequences of a Child Abuse Conviction in Mesa

Beyond the immediate criminal penalties, a conviction for child abuse can impact a person’s life and future prospects in many ways. Having child abuse charges on one’s criminal record can have severe ramifications, such as:

  • Inability to find housing
  • Decreased employment opportunities
  • Inability to gain professional licensing for certain careers
  • Potential ban on firearm possession
  • Inability to be around children

Because the stakes are so high, accused individuals should work with our experienced local attorneys on a well-tailored strategy to avoid a child abuse conviction or mitigate the potential consequences and damage to their family and their life.

Criminal and Civil Consequences of Child Abuse Charges

In some cases, there may be a civil lawsuit brought against an accused individual by the family of the alleged victim. This civil case could happen at the same time as a criminal investigation or trial. If a person is convicted for child abuse in a criminal case, this could serve as the basis for a successful civil lawsuit.

More commonly, though, the accused needs to work with DCS (Department of Child Services) or CPS (Child Protective Services), depending on the County to avoid the loss of contact with their children and other family. This is an incredibly complex area full of all kinds of dangers of creating evidence for the charges and can even lead to additional charges.

Accused Mesa residents who are navigating civil and criminal trials for child abuse should consult a knowledgeable attorney to explain the potential consequences of both cases.

Can the Outcome of a Civil Case Affect a Criminal Case for Child Abuse?

If a person has been found civilly liable for child abuse or had the DCS or CPS allegations found to be “substantiated”, the prosecutor will consider this fact. In many of the cases our attorneys have handled, there are already findings of child abuse by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) or Child Protective Services (CPS).

However, criminal trials require a higher standard of proof than civil cases—there can be no room for reasonable doubt. Even if a person is found civilly liable for child abuse in Mesa, a skilled lawyer could successfully defend them against criminal charges and more serious consequences.

Call an Attorney to Defend against Consequences of Child Abuse Charges in Mesa

It is critical to remember that everything you say throughout an investigation or trial for child abuse can affect the outcome of your case. If you say the wrong things, you are more likely to be charged and face serious penalties. The consequences of child abuse charges in Mesa are severe and should not be taken lightly.

For this reason, it is in your best interests to contact an attorney with experience in this area of law. The lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group could make a huge difference in the outcome of your case, and by extension, your future. Call us today to discuss your circumstances.

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