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The State of Arizona is known for its lax gun laws, but there are still criminal charges related to the possession and use of firearms. These offenses carry severe penalties that can impact your life for years to come if you are found guilty.

If you are facing these allegations, it is critical that you seek out a criminal defense attorney right away. A clear picture of what you are facing can help you make the crucial decisions that are part of the prosecution. Let a Goodyear gun lawyer at Grand Canyon Law Group assist you with protecting your constitutional rights.

Common Examples of Firearm Offenses

State law has a wide range of gun-related criminal offenses. Some of these charges involve the type of weapon or the place it is carried. In other cases, a person may be charged due to committing a different crime with a weapon.

All these cases are defensible, but securing a favorable outcome can be difficult without professional help. A gun attorney in Goodyear can investigate all the facts before developing a strategy. Contact the Grand Canyon Law Group immediately for more information on our process for creating a plan of action.

Unlawful Discharge

The law prohibits firing a weapon in certain situations, often in locations where carrying a firearm is legal. For example, it is usually unlawful to open fire in a public place outside of situations where self-defense calls for it.

Illegal Firearms

Although the state generally allows citizens to own any weapon they choose, certain firearms are prohibited by state law. This includes owning automatic weapons, sawed-off shotguns, or short-barrel rifles.

Carrying in a Prohibited Area

State law generally allows adults to carry firearms—openly or concealed—in public without the need for a license. However, certain locations still prohibit carrying a weapon. The most common examples are courthouses, schools, and government buildings. It is also illegal to carry a firearm without permission in certain privately owned homes, polling places, and airports.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

This aggravated version of a typical assault case is based on the accused’s use of a weapon. The penalties associated with an assault conviction are much more significant when a weapon is involved. These are known as aggravating factors.

Can I Restore Gun Rights?

One of the more challenging aspects of a criminal conviction—particularly for firearms owners—is that it can lead to the loss of vital constitutional rights. When a person is convicted of a gun felony, they are no longer allowed to own, sell, possess, or use firearms. The good news is that restoring these rights might be an option.

Restoration is typically limited to first-time offenders and unavailable when the conviction is for serious or violent charges. With the help of a Grand Canyon Law Group gun lawyer in Goodyear, a person convicted of these charges can petition the Superior Court to restore those rights.

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If you are facing a firearms charge, now is the time to seek legal help. The right attorney can assist you with building a defense and protecting your rights. Contact a Goodyear gun lawyer with Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible for a confidential consultation. Time is limited, so please call now.

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