Assault Investigations in Glendale

Being suspected of committing assault can be a distressing situation, especially when it results in a criminal charge. While there are times when the police require days or weeks to collect evidence, there are also situations where charges can come even sooner.

When you are under an assault investigation in Glendale, you could benefit from discussing your defense options with legal counsel. Even if the police take you into custody, you have an opportunity to fight back with the help of a skilled assault defense attorney.

Speed of Assault Investigations

There are many criminal investigations—particularly those involving offenses like murder or drug trafficking—that can take years to complete. That is often not the case when it comes to an assault arrest.

Often, the police work quickly in these cases, especially when the incident occurred in the presence of a police officer. Even if the police were not nearby, the amount of time it takes law enforcement to make an arrest can be short when there are numerous neutral witnesses or the incident was captured on camera.

Law enforcement often moves forward quickly with these charges, even when there is little in the way of evidence of guilt. This is unfortunate, as it can lead to an innocent person being charged. These mistakes by the police often form the basis for a strong defense strategy.

Other Cases Can Take Time

Not all assault investigations are brief. Some cases require more time for the police to locate witnesses or evidence. The state has a high burden of proof when it comes to securing a criminal conviction, which is why it can take time for law enforcement to determine if their case is strong enough for an arrest.

Police efforts usually start with identifying potential witnesses. While there are many alleged assaults that occur in front of other people, some incidents occur without other witnesses present.

Witness testimony can sometimes be enough for an arrest. This can lead officers to look for additional evidence, including video of the incident, photographs of any injuries, or signs of a physical altercation.

What Do the Police Focus On?

The police are ultimately looking for evidence that will build a strong case for a conviction during an assault investigation in Glendale. To do this, the prosecutor will need to prove the elements of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

This charge is governed by Arizona Revised Statute § 13-1203, which says assault occurs any time a person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly makes contact with another person in harmful way. There are different examples of conduct that qualify under the law. A person is guilty of this offense if—with the required intent—they injured a person, touched an individual with the intention of harming them, or placed someone in fear of imminent physical harm.

The state must establish one of these facts to get a conviction. Their burden of proof is high, which gives defense attorneys an opening to fight back. Grand Canyon Law Group is composed of former prosecutors who know exactly what the opposition is looking for and can enact a strategy around this knowledge.

Call a Glendale Attorney When You Are the Subject of an Assault Investigation

Facing allegations of any kind of criminal charge can be upsetting. This is especially true when the allegations against you involve causing another person harm.

The good news is that assault investigations in Glendale do not always result in arrests or convictions. Call today to learn how you might defend yourself with the help of our criminal defense attorneys.

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