Assault Arrests in Glendale

When someone alleges you have caused or threatened harm to them, the police will initiate an investigation into whether you committed assault. A conviction of this crime could result jail time and fines, among other possible penalties.

Assault arrests in Glendale can be stressful events but they do not guarantee you are found guilty. You have the right to defend yourself in court and a skilled assault defense lawyer may be able to help you protect your constitutional rights.

When Can Police Make an Arrest for Assault?

Officers can only take someone into custody when they have probable cause that a crime occurred. An arrest does not require absolute proof of guilt, just enough evidence to establish there are grounds for an arrest.

The police occasionally witness these acts, but in most situations, they base their arrest on the word of another person. They can pursue charges even when the accused person disputes the facts of what happened.

Steps To Take

After you are arrested for assault in Glendale, you are typically processed by law enforcement at the nearest jail. For first-time offenders, it is not uncommon to be released with only a promise to appear in court at a future date—also known as being released on your own recognizance.

One of the most important steps for the defendant is speaking with an attorney. Experienced legal can help you secure a bond and get out of jail when the police do not release you on your own.

An attorney can also help you determine your best path forward. The right approach often involves a thorough investigation of your arrest and a review of the evidence the state intends to use against you.

While your case is pending, avoid discussing it with anyone—especially law enforcement. Anything you say can be used against you, so avoid talking about the arrest to anyone but your lawyer.

What Will Happen Next?

You could face many possible outcomes following an arrest for assault in Glendale. In some instances, the prosecution might decline to pursue a criminal case against you, but often the charges will move forward.

Facing charges does not mean you are at their mercy, however. The defendant is entitled to a vigorous defense, and a lawyer may help them avoid a conviction by putting on the strongest argument possible. Some possible outcomes include:

Dismissal of Your Case

Getting the assault charges dropped is the best possible outcome following an arrest for assault in Glendale. While the prosecutor will not dismiss without a reason, an attorney could show them that the evidence is not strong enough for a conviction.

Victory at Trial

There are times when the best thing to do is take the assault case to trial and fight for an acquittal. These allegations are often defensible, especially when the alleged incident was not witnessed by law enforcement or caught on video. If the defendant prevails at trial, they will walk away without facing any penalties.

Negotiated Plea Bargain

The state often moves a case forward despite lacking enough evidence to meet their burden of proof. In those situations, it might be best to consider a plea. No one wants to plead guilty to a crime but in serious cases, a plea might limit the amount of time a person is forced to serve in prison. The decision to plead guilty rests on the defendant, but an attorney can help them weigh the options.

Talk to an Attorney in Glendale About Your Assault Arrest

When you have been arrested for an alleged assault in Glendale, you need to act quickly to preserve your legal rights. The outcome of your criminal case is important, as it could follow you for the rest of your life. Grand Canyon Law Group knows what to do. Contact us today for a private consultation.

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