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Most undergraduates enter college with high hopes, big dreams, and expectations of success. However, one misstep can derail those plans and entangle them in the criminal justice system—irrevocably changing their lives. If you or your child finds themselves in this situation, call a Gilbert student defense lawyer to respond vigorously to the allegations and protect their future.

Our professional defense attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group can leverage their years of experience working as prosecutors to help you build a strong defense against any criminal accusation. However, the sooner you get started on your case, the more prepared you will be. Schedule a consultation to begin discussing the details of your case.

Independence May Lead to a Criminal Record

Many young people have never been on their own for a prolonged time until they begin college. This newfound freedom allows them to grow, mature, and develop life skills. Some flourish in this new environment, but for others, the allure of parties and being fully responsible for themselves can result in poor decision-making.

Young adults sometimes think they are invincible and that nothing terrible will happen to them. They believe they can quickly rebound from any mistakes, but when law enforcement gets involved, what young adults view as a blunder may now be a crime. In such instances, students and their families should engage legal counsel for the best chances to minimize any long-term ramifications.

Schools Cannot Protect Students from the Law

While school administrations handle many aspects of college life, the campus bubble does not protect students from criminal charges. Some of the more common offenses students are often charged with include:

The Arizona criminal code classifies some of these activities as misdemeanors, which carry lighter jail time and fines; others are felonies with mandatory jail or state prison sentences, hefty fines, and often compulsory treatment programs.

Alternatives to Going to Court

In some situations, the prosecutor’s office may offer a diversion program. Diversion programs provide an alternative resolution to the penal system. If the participants complete their community service, education, and treatment requirements, their records will remain clean. Entry into these programs is at the prosecutor’s discretion and depends upon the offense in question and the accused’s suitability.

These charges are often very unexpected and upsetting to the student and their family. The defense attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are acquainted with local criminal student activity and will lay out the student’s options, craft the best response possible to the allegations, and, where appropriate, negotiate with prosecutors to arrange a beneficial plea deal or admittance into a diversion program. In other circumstances, going to trial and fighting against the State’s evidence is the better approach to the case. The experienced lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group will help you choose the best path for your case.

Concerns Beyond a Criminal Record

In addition to the primary worries of incarceration and paying fines, students who engage in illegal activities may also face civil lawsuits, academic hearings, and life-long stains on their reputations. The outcome of any of these proceedings can negatively impact the trajectory of their lives.

Derailing Educational and Career Plans

Many schools require students to self-report that criminal charges are pending against them. This action will likely trigger a disciplinary hearing, possibly resulting in a range of punishments from probation to expulsion.

Additionally, a criminal or college disciplinary record could thwart a student’s chance for graduate school acceptance and fitness for admission to certain professions (e.g., law) and the military. A conviction may also deem an applicant ineligible for certain scholarships, grants, and loans, severely hampering their ability to afford attending undergraduate and graduate programs.

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At first blush, families and students may not realize the seriousness of the charges against them, but this is not an instance to make light of the situation. Working with a trained Gilbert student defense lawyer may be crucial to salvaging a bright future.

If you or your child has been charged with a criminal offense while attending a college or university, reach out to one of our attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group today. We have the knowledge and experience necessary for getting you the best result possible. Call today to learn more.

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