Sex Offender Registry in Gilbert

In Gilbert, the sex offender registry is administered by a state police agency known as the Department of Public Safety. Those who are charged and convicted of sexual offenses may be required to register with the sheriff of the county where they reside. There are over 20 crimes where sex offender registration is mandatory in Arizona.

Sex offender registration may follow you for the rest of your life and could impact employment, housing, and educational opportunities. There is a serious stigma that attaches to someone who is ordered to register as a sex offender. As such, it is crucial for anyone accused or convicted of these crimes to speak with a knowledgeable attorney at the Grand Canyon Law Group. Our lawyers can work tirelessly to protect your rights, reputation, and way of life.

Sex Offenses that Require Registration

Many sexual offenses listed in Arizona’s criminal code under Chapter 14 of Title 13 require sex offender registration. These crimes include offenses such as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Molestation of a child
  • Sexual conduct with a minor

However, some offenses are discretionary in terms of sex offender registration, meaning that the judge will decide whether the person has to register. A person who commits an offense that does not require registration, such as indecent exposure or public sexual indecency, could be ordered by a judge to register as a sex offender under certain circumstances.

Additionally, any crime that is sexually motivated could lead to mandated sex offender registration, even if the underlying offense is not a sex crime. As such, it is essential to call the aggressive attorneys at our Gilbert office to argue against the possibility of sex offender registration.

Levels of Sex Offenders

There are three levels of sex offenders in Arizona, with level three being the most severe. These levels are based on risk factors or scoring evaluations that the Department of Public Safety makes to determine a person’s extent of registration.

Failure to Register for the Sex Offender Registry

There are dedicated units of detectives who enforce sex offender registration laws in Gilbert. These detectives will investigate allegations that someone has failed to register as a sex offender, which is a class four felony in Arizona.

If a person is found guilty of failing to register, the police will arrest and charge them. A person convicted of this crime could face years in prison and lifelong probation, as well as other sanctions for having disobeyed those registration laws. Anyone accused of, or under investigation for, failing to register as a sex offender should immediately contact our experienced attorneys in the area for legal counsel.

How Long Does a Person Stay on the Sex Offender Registry in Gilbert?

In Arizona, sex offender registration is a lifetime requirement. If a person is registered for an offense committed as a minor, a judge may order for them to only be registered for a certain amount of time. However, if a person is convicted as an adult, there typically is no way to undo sex offender registration.

Is the Sex Offender Registry Public Information?

The sex offender registry is public information that can be located through a simple internet search of the Arizona Department Public Safety’s website. Additionally, community notification is required for level two and level three sex offenders.

This means that if a person registered as a level two or three sex offender moves into a neighborhood, law enforcement will publish mailers and pamphlets to the neighborhood advising their neighbors of this fact. Some areas, such as crime-free apartment complexes, may not allow convicted individuals to be residents. As such, sex offender registration can impact where a person is able to live.

Employer Background Checks for Sex Offender Registration

Employers can conduct background checks to reveal a person’s criminal background, including whether they have been ordered to register as a sex offender. On top of that, many job applications and employer policies require potential employees to disclose that information.

Discuss Sex Offender Registry with a Skilled Gilbert Attorney

Registration as a sex offender can have a severe impact on your housing options, employment, educational opportunities, and reputation. To protect your future, it is critical to be proactive and contact a skilled lawyer right away if you have been accused of a sex crime.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our legal team can advise you on minimizing the effect of these charges on your life. We are former prosecutors now dedicated to defending the accused. For more information about the sex offender registry in Gilbert, call us today.

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