Sex Crime Investigations in Gilbert

Sex crimes investigations typically start with a report to police made by an alleged victim or their parent, family member, or friend. It is crucial for an accused person to get professional help when navigating these investigations, as the outcome can greatly impact their way of life and their future. Most people do not know the tactics that police use to gather evidence.

If you are accused of a sexual offense, speak with the skilled lawyers at Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible. Our attorneys are former prosecutors experienced in protecting the rights of accused individuals during sex crimes investigations in Gilbert.

How do the Police Investigate Sex Crimes?

After a report has been made, the police will then interview the alleged victim. If that person is a child, the detectives will conduct a forensic interview to figure out what the accusations are and what conduct has been alleged. They will also interview any witnesses to the conduct and gather background information about the suspect.

At this point in the investigation, the police may use a tactic called a “one-party consent call” or “confrontation call.” This involves the alleged victim (or their parent or someone close to them) calling the suspect on the phone and recording the call without their knowledge. The police will prompt the caller to ask questions and try to get the suspect to make incriminating statements.

The last piece of an investigation is to bring in the accused person for an interview. The detectives will also use various tactics at this stage to get a confession or incriminating statements from the accused. As such, it is critical for those under investigation for sex crimes to seek dedicated representation from our Gilbert attorneys.

Sex Crimes Agencies in Gilbert

Within the Gilbert police department, there are dedicated units of detectives who investigate child crimes or sexual offenses. Investigations for sexual offenses are usually assigned to the special victims unit or sex crimes unit within various police agencies. There may be a different investigating department for cases involving children.

Types of Evidence in Gilbert Sex Crime Investigations

Sex offense investigations typically involve various types of evidence. This may include:

  • Statements from the alleged victim
  • Testimony from any witnesses
  • Statements from the accused person
  • Medical or scientific evidence

If the alleged crime happened within the last couple of days or hours, the police will have the person undergo a medical examination. A forensic nurse will look for injuries or take swabs of the person’s body. This material may be used as evidence by the investigating detectives and by the prosecution in court.

Call a Skilled Attorney for Sex Crime Investigations in Gilbert

The nature of sex crime investigations makes it important for accused individuals to hire an experienced sex crime lawyer immediately. An attorney acts as a barrier between the police investigation and the suspect and can protect the suspect’s rights.

At the Grand Canyon Law Group, our legal team will advise clients to avoid any form of contact or conversation with the person accusing them of a sexual offense. We have successfully handled countless sex crimes investigations in Gilbert and know how to provide dedicated defense on your behalf. You have a way of life worth protecting, so call us today to get us on your side.

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