Defense Strategies in Gilbert Sex Crime Cases

When a person is accused of a sexual offense, their freedom, reputation, and way of life are at stake. A rigorous legal defense can make all the difference in the outcome of their case, making it critical for accused individuals to pick the right attorney.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our legal team has many years of experience as felony sex crimes prosecutors. For instance, attorney David Lish underwent much of the same training as the police agents who investigate sex crimes. He now uses this knowledge to build successful cases against the prosecution and has defended virtually every type of sexual offense.

If you are facing these types of charges, call our experienced attorneys. We know the right defense strategies in Gilbert sex crimes cases and can help you build an airtight case.

How to Defend against Sexual Offense Charges

If a person has not yet been charged, a defense attorney will advise them not to make statements to police or provide any information that may be damaging to the case. If sex crime charges have already been filed, however, there are various strategies our skilled lawyers can use to minimize their impact on the person’s life.

Our Gilbert attorneys will examine all of the state’s evidence, assess the motivations of the accused and the accuser, and work to understand why these charges are being brought. We will also look at the police’s conduct to determine whether there are any violations of rights. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our local attorneys are skilled at finding any weakness in the case along with any violations of due process during the course of a sex crimes investigation.

Expert Consultation in Sex Crime Cases

A good attorney also will consult with experts when building a defense for sexual offenses. Some sex crimes involve the use of technical evidence, such as in computer crimes cases. In these situations, our lawyers can hire a forensic computer expert to evaluate electronic devices and reveal weaknesses in the state’s evidence.

Additionally, the defense will want to consult with other expert witnesses such as psychiatrists or psychologists. These people have specialized training and could be useful in determining any mitigating factors in a sex crimes case.

Private Law Firms vs. Public Defenders in Gilbert Sex Crime Cases

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we limit the number of cases that we handle so that we can focus on each individual client. Although many public defenders are good lawyers, they are often overworked and cannot fully devote their time and resources to every single case.

As such, there are many advantages to working with a private defense lawyer who can spend the time going over every detail in a sex crimes case. Our local attorneys have the resources to successfully defend each client, and we have the track record to prove it.

Consult a Gilbert Lawyer on Defense Strategies in Sex Crime Cases

Many accused people seek our help because we have significant experience in this legal arena. We build relationships with our clients through good communication so that they trust our judgment and knowledge in handling their case.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our team has significant experience prosecuting and defending these cases. We use this knowledge of both sides to successfully combat the prosecution’s case and protect the rights of the accused. If you are facing charges, call us right away to discuss effective defense strategies in Gilbert sex crimes cases. Let our former prosecutors, now dedicated criminal defense attorneys, provide you the legal representation you deserve.

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