Possession of Firearms in Gilbert

Arizona is known for expansive Second Amendment rights, including the ability to openly carry firearms in public. That said, laws and regulations still limit where and how these weapons can be carried.

You can find yourself in serious legal jeopardy following allegations of gun offenses. If convicted, it can mean time behind bars, steep monetary fines, and potentially losing your right to own a firearm. Let the team at Grand Canyon Law Group advocate for you when you are faced with charges involving the possession of firearms in Gilbert. Our experienced gun defense attorneys understand how to take on the prosecution and win.

Understanding Gun Possession Rights

Because Arizona is an open-carry state, possession of firearms in Gilbert is generally allowed. Adults can carry weapons openly in most public places, and individuals at least 21 years of age have the right to carry concealed firearms and ammunition.

In addition, these rights are not contingent on tests or licenses. No one needs approval to carry a concealed weapon so long as they are not prohibited from doing so due to criminal convictions or other factors. Purchasing firearms is a straightforward process and an individual can buy a gun from a private party without waiting periods, licenses, or background checks.

When is it Illegal to Have a Firearm?

As a baseline, adults have expansive rights to possess guns in Gilbert. This is true not only on their own private property but in several public places. However, some circumstances can result in a criminal charge. The team at Grand Canyon Law Group can help in the aftermath of an arrest.

When the Type of Gun is Banned

Possessing certain weapons is against the law—without a valid license or in general. For example, most automatic weapons are prohibited in Arizona. The same is true for short-barrel rifles and sawed-off shotguns. Criminal charges are appropriate if someone possesses these weapons.

At Restricted Locations

If a person brings a gun to an off-limits place, this can result in a law violation. There are limitations on the ability to carry weapons in schools and government buildings. Similarly, the owners of single-family private residences can prohibit firearms on the premises.

By Juveniles

There are age requirements to possess a firearm. In most cases, anyone under the age of 18 may not have a weapon in their possession. One significant exception is when they are in the presence of a parent or guardian. Likewise, firearms instructors and other professionals can share guns and ammunition with people under the age of 18 as long as they have the parent’s permission.

By Felons

One of the ways that carrying a firearm can bring criminal charges is when the person in question has a felony conviction. Anyone who has been convicted of a felony—along with certain misdemeanor domestic violence offenses—is prohibited from owning, carrying, using, or selling these weapons under any circumstances.

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If you have been arrested on a charge related to a firearm, you have rights that protect you. It is important to mount a vigorous defense, as a conviction can have a lasting impact.

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