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Presenting or even possessing a false or forged identification card can lead to serious consequences, especially when these documents are provided to a person of authority with the intention to defraud. When this behavior leads to an arrest, a dedicated fraud defense lawyer can represent you in court.

If you or someone you love has been arrested with a false identification card, it is crucial to seek out legal counsel right away. Let the team at the Grand Canyon Law Group help you defend yourself from these allegations. A Gilbert fake ID lawyer could review the evidence against you and develop the strongest possible defense strategy. However, it is important to call us NOW.

Laws Related to False Identification

The possession or use of falsified identification cards can lead to a number of criminal charges. These offenses are treated harshly by prosecutors when they involve some form of fraud. Each of these crimes can involve the use of fake documents or unlawfully presenting a valid card in an illegal way. A fake ID lawyer in Gilbert can help under either circumstance.

It is worth noting that these allegations do not always involve the use of a fake or falsified form of identification. While forged documents can lead to criminal charges, using a valid ID might also be against the law if it is used for an unlawful purpose. The most common example of this involves one person using someone else’s driver’s license illegally.

Buying Alcohol with a Fake ID

The most common use of falsified identification cards involves minors attempting to purchase alcohol. This is prohibited by A.R.S. 4-241, which makes using a fake ID to consume or purchase alcoholic beverages a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Use of a Fraudulent Driver’s License

While teenagers attempting to purchase alcohol is arguably the most common purpose for a fake ID, there are other situations where these documents might be used illegally. This could involve assuming a different identity to avoid an arrest warrant or to commit an act of fraud. The specific criminal charges that follow these actions will depend on the situation.

Penalties for Using a Fake ID

The circumstances surrounding an arrest will ultimately determine the consequences of using a fake ID. When a minor attempts to purchase alcohol with these documents, they could face a jail term of up to six months and as much as $2,500 in monetary fines.

Other uses of fake identification cards that do not involve fraud are treated as Class 2 misdemeanors, which carry up to four months in jail and a maximum fine of $750.

There is also the potential for felony charges when it comes to these cases. If a person is charged with fraud based on the way they use a falsified document, they could be looking at years in prison following a felony conviction.

All these penalties have one thing in common: they require a conviction. If the defendant can beat the charges against them, the risk of incarceration is gone. A fake ID attorney in Gilbert could help with fighting these charges.

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Whether it stems from buying beer while under the age of 21 or attempting to avoid an arrest using a false identity, the use of fake documentation can come with serious consequences. If you are facing these charges, NOW is the time to seek out legal counsel from Grand Canyon Law Group. Call a Gilbert Fake ID lawyer today.

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