DUI Stops in Gilbert

An officer can cite many reasons for suspecting you were impaired behind the wheel. They could allege that you were weaving in your lane or driving too slowly at night. When you get pulled over and accused of DUI, it can be a terrifying and stressful ordeal.

Knowing what to expect from DUI stops in Gilbert can help you navigate the process and prevent criminal penalties down the line. The dedicated attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group are here to explain your rights and defend you from the moment of your arrest.

What do Officers Look for When Pulling Drivers Over for DUI?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) outlines various indicators of possible impairment, including driving too slowly, weaving in or out of the lane, or driving without headlights at night. Often, police officers out late at night will look for any traffic violation as a reason to pull someone over and investigate them for DUI.

When they make a DUI stop, the officer will first observe how the driver pulled over. They will then look for other signs of impairment from their first contact with the driver, including:

  • Bloodshot or watery eyes
  • The smell of drugs or alcohol
  • Slurred speech

However, there could be multiple explanations for these alleged signs of impairment. Our Gilbert attorneys can work to contest an officer’s initial reasoning for making a DUI stop.

Police Questioning During a DUI Stop

The officer will ask questions after pulling a driver over and making initial observations. This is where being prepared and educated about one’s rights can make a huge difference in the outcome of a DUI case. The officer will likely ask questions about the driver’s night and whether they had anything to drink. The driver can say “no” or politely refuse to answer the questions, as they are under no legal obligation to provide that information.

The officer may ask the driver to get out of the car and identify themselves. A driver should comply with these requests and show their driver’s license if asked by a police officer. However, the smart thing to do early in the questioning process is to say, “I’m going to exercise my right to remain silent and my right to an attorney.” Our experienced lawyers know the process of DUI stops in Gilbert and can begin representing a driver from the moment they call us.

Mistakes to Avoid in Gilbert DUI Stops

The first mistake to avoid during a DUI stop is pulling over carelessly. Drivers should think about their behavior and drive as carefully as possible in front of officers. Another crucial mistake is to admit to having alcohol or drugs. Drivers should avoid saying they have been out at a bar or club, even if they had little or nothing to drink.

Agreeing to field sobriety, blood, or breath tests can also be a crucial error during a DUI stop. It is best to ask for a lawyer as soon as possible to provide counsel and advise the driver of their rights.

Contact a Gilbert Lawyer After a DUI Stop

Dealing with the police can be scary, especially when they are accusing you of intoxicated driving. It is important to remain calm and exercise your rights to legal counsel. You can ask to speak with an attorney at any point during the interaction with law enforcement.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, we have significant experience handling DUI stops in Gilbert and protecting drivers’ rights throughout the legal process. Call us today to discuss your situation and get the legal guidance you need.

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