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Prosecutors bring drug trafficking charges against people they suspect of handling or managing the distribution of significant quantities of drugs. This is an extremely serious charge that carries a lengthy mandatory prison sentence.

If you face drug trafficking charges, reach out to a seasoned attorney with an extensive track record defending these cases. At Grand Canyon Law Group, our Gilbert drug trafficking lawyers will use every tool at our disposal to achieve a favorable outcome.

Trafficking is a Law Enforcement Priority

The state’s location on the border means that drugs often move through the area from Mexico to distribution points throughout the US. Law enforcement prioritizes shutting down drug transport routes in the state and invests considerable resources in identifying, arresting, and imprisoning suspected drug traffickers.

Sometimes, an innocent person gets caught up in a law enforcement operation targeting someone else. In other cases, a person might have possessed illegal drugs but had no intention of selling them. Whatever the specific situation, a Gilbert drug trafficking attorney could ensure that the system treats the defendant fairly.

Law Enforcement Overreach in Drug Trafficking Cases

The Constitution provides everyone with specific rights, and law enforcement must respect them. Failing to adhere to correct procedures could result in a judge dismissing charges or suppressing evidence.

Because drug trafficking is a priority for local law enforcement, they sometimes overstep their bounds or neglect to observe legal requirements when investigating these crimes. Our diligent drug trafficking lawyers will look for evidence that the involved officers:

  • Failed to administer the Miranda warnings before questioning a suspect
  • Made a stop without a reasonable suspicion
  • Searched without probable cause
  • Conducted an illegal wiretap
  • Executed a false or faulty search warrant
  • Relied on an untruthful witness
  • Engaged in entrapment

Any of these law enforcement failures could result in the dismissal of the charges.

Even if the judge does not dismiss charges, an aggressive stance regarding police conduct could spur the prosecution to reduce or drop charges. The prosecution knows that the lawyers at our firm could cross-examine the police officers at a trial and focus on their failure to respect a suspect’s rights. Planting that seed in the juror’s minds could lead to a not-guilty verdict.

Type and Quantity of Drugs in Gilbert Trafficking Cases

Trafficking charges depend on evidence that a person possessed a substantial quantity of drugs they allegedly intended to distribute. Arizona Revised Statutes §13-3401(36) describes the quantities of various drugs a person must possess to face a trafficking charge. A skilled drug trafficking attorney at our firm could challenge the quality of the prosecution’s evidence regarding identification and weight.

Physical evidence, like a drug, requires careful handling to maintain a chain of custody. The chain of custody is a paper trail that shows who had access to the evidence and how it was stored. Police departments often make mistakes in documenting the chain of custody, which could provide a potential defense.

Without a clear chain of custody, someone could have tampered with the evidence. A judge might not allow the prosecution to use the drug evidence in their case. Without physical evidence, the prosecution usually declines to proceed.

Call a Gilbert Attorney to Defend Against Drug Trafficking Charges

Conviction on drug trafficking charges could lead to many years in prison, even for a first offender. People with prior convictions could be in prison for decades.

Trust your defense to the savvy attorneys at Grand Canyon Law Group. Our former prosecutors have significant experience working with people accused of serious drug crimes. Contact a Gilbert drug trafficking lawyer as soon as you are arrested to protect yourself and your rights.

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