Domestic Violence Investigations in Gilbert

Domestic violence investigations often happen on the spot, and arrests can be made based on statements alone. Police may move forward with charges soon after. The process can be overwhelming for those involved, making it crucial to seek legal representation from a skilled attorney as soon as you believe you are under investigation.

At Grand Canyon Law Group, our lawyers can offer critical support and guidance throughout domestic violence investigations in Gilbert. We believe you have a way of life worth saving, and we are here to protect your rights.

Starting a Domestic Violence Investigation

Most domestic violence investigations begin with a police call, either by the named victim or someone else who overhears an incident. This often occurs at the time of the scene, although sometimes, an accuser may go to the police after the fact.

One common police tactic that our attorneys often see at the beginning of domestic violence investigations in Gilbert is a confrontation call. This involves the named victim in the case calling the defendant to try and get them to apologize or acknowledge something that allegedly happened. Anyone under investigation for domestic violence should assume that phone calls from their accusers will be recorded by the police.

How Long do Domestic Violence Investigations Last?

For misdemeanor domestic violence cases, investigations usually last three to five months. For felonies, they can be anywhere from two months to a year or more. It is best to involve an experienced Gilbert attorney as early as possible in the domestic violence investigation process.

Differences in Domestic Abuse Investigations

Several things differentiate domestic violence investigations from other types of criminal investigations. For one, domestic violence charges are sometimes brought against the wishes of the named victim. Additionally, it is often a judgment call by the police on who they believe is the aggressor. There is not always physical evidence in these cases, and police often rely on statements alone.

As our attorneys can explain, domestic violence investigations can also lead to the loss of rights long before a trial ever occurs. An accused person could be prohibited from returning home or contacting their family from the moment they are arrested. It can take weeks or months of working with a Gilbert lawyer to challenge the restrictions on a person’s freedoms after a no-contact order in a domestic violence investigation.

Your Rights as a Domestic Violence Suspect

A person under investigation for domestic violence has rights, including the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present before answering any questions. However, defendants often want to justify their actions or explain the situation. An accused person should exercise their rights to remain silent and speak to a lawyer, as any statements can be taken out of context and used against them.

Call a Gilbert Lawyer During the Domestic Violence Investigation Process

Everything you say to the police is evidence. Only the statements that make you sound guilty will be admissible in court. During a domestic violence investigation in Gilbert, the skilled attorneys at our firm can protect your rights and ensure your story is told the right way.

Call Grand Canyon Law Group as soon as possible to discuss your situation. Our former prosecutors know how to fight for you and defend your way of life throughout the legal process.

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